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    What will be the fate of BJP except for Narendra Modiji?

    The BJP emerged as the strongest party after Narendra Modi was selected as it's Prime Ministerial candidate in 2014 general elections. Prior to Modi, the BJP has Vajpayee as the only credible BJP leader who got the attention of the country. We all know that BJP is the political face of RSS and RSS is the backbone of BJP. The BJP party cannot survive without the backing of RSS. It seems there is no other credible leader in BJP except Narendra Modi. The BJP party without Modiji looks a big zero.
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    As far as I understand, BJP is a cadre-based party unlike some dynastic parties of India. So, after Narendra Modi (at least after ten years), another strong and popular leader will emerge. Increasing cadre base would provide the future leader.

    Just check the second-rung, under-sixty leaders of the party.

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    The cadre of BJP is nothing but the RSS. Narendra Modi, from all the indications available, seems like a banyan tree. Under the shadow of Narendra Modi, I do not hope to see any other powerful and popular leader emerging. The second rung will remain so.
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    "Under the shadow of Narendra Modi, I do not hope to see any other powerful and popular leader emerging. The second rung will remain so."------This is simply a personal opinion, or better, a wish (which is not going to be fulfilled). The performance, personality and confidence of Manohar Parrikar, Devendra Fadnavis, Yogi Adityanath, Sushil Modi, etc. (for example) prove a totally different story.
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    In my opinion even today there are very good leaders in BJP. Manohar Parikar, Sushil Modi, Fadnavis, Amit Shah etc. This is the party having strong cader. When Vajpayee was the PM, we don't know much about Modi. But he emerged as a leader. The same way as the need arises the leader will emerge. In this party, there are no restrictions that the leader should be from this family or that state or should loyal to so and so, like that. A leader will emerge based on his own strengths and policies That way I feel there will not be any problem in this party. A person with quality will emerge as the leader.
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    I am trying to recollect. Even 20 years ago I never heard the name of Narendra Modi (but I did hear about Rahul Gandhi), who is the present Prime Minister.

    Similarly after another ten year or so, a lesser-known (today), efficient, popular and nationalist leader would emerge to lead this party. The cadres would provide the next leader.

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    In any party the personality cult of a popular leader matters. In BJP previously Vajpayee was having that respect. Then came the turn of Advani. And after Vajpayee getting ill and Advani getting aged, the next baton was taken over by Narender Modi. Why because it is Advani himself recommended the name of Narender Modi as the PM candidate then and thus he was elevated from state chief minister to the chair of Prime Minister. Now after Modi, I cannot see any formidable candidate so far famous in the eyes of voters. May be Sushma Swaraj has the chance and again she may not come open against dominating male leaders.
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    Congress party was a party with its democratic set up staring from booth level and ward level. At that time a failure in any election was just temporary. With its grassroots workforce and strength remaining solid and stable,it could swing back within a short time. But when Congress started becoming a 'High command nominated' party, its decline started. BJP could win in such a way is only because Congressparty grassroots workers got disenchanted and lost morale due to absence of inner party democracy and elections.

    BJP should take its lesson from this. All those who voted BJP (NDA) to power are not its cadre members. A large portion was from the non-committed middle class voters especially the educated youth in both urban and rural areas. I still do not find any solid democratic, grassroots base for BJP in most of the areas in the country. If the party faces some electoral reverses many superficial leaders will desert it, as many of them came to it only because of its winning trend.

    It is a fact that most of the votes polled by BJP in the last Lok Sabah elections were only due to the hope and aspirations Modi kindled in them. If these segment gets enchanted then BJP does not have any base infrastructure to compensate that loss. So BJP should be alert to even small voices of disappointment and regret by ordinary people especially the middle class. Trend shows that there are a few reasons to feel so.

    BJP should take care to cultivate second layer level leaders , third layer level leaders and new grassroots members. Then only it can continue to sustain long.

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    BJP would survive after Mr.Narendra Modi. I think it has slowly distanced it self from the saffron brigade except for individual instances where in one or the other leader in the party circuit issues a radical statement or view. Many think BJP is a two man show, there is enough talent that have potential to look beyond Mr.Modi and Mr.Amit Shah. What the party needs is to enhance its credibility by delivering the electoral promises. When climbing a mountain peak, It's hard to reach the summit, it's even harder to plant the flag. Similarly, it's difficult to reach power by majority and it's even more difficult to stay and deliver to get re-elected. Yes, the party can make it without the backing. It's needs to keep performing.

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