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    Every mistake is a lesson

    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. This is not my statement, it was said by Albert Einstein.

    I hope every one of us has committed a mistake at least once in our life. Each mistake definitely teaches us a lesson in life. Only when we made the mistake of touching fire, we learned that we will burn our finger. It is our curiosity that tempts us to try new things, but it sometimes ends up in mistakes. Don't worry, don't give up, that is how we learn.

    If we have that positive note in mind, we will not fall or be sad when we realize our mistakes. In fact, we will learn to correct it. Also, no matter who did it or how many of them did it, a mistake will always remain a mistake. Hence try not to repeat it again in life saying, they also did the same. Try to learn from your mistake and not to follow others in committing mistakes.
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    Mistakes happen due to lack of preparation, lack of knowledge and negligence.
    A prudent person will look back to know what and why it went wrong. That can offer a lesson or more.
    A mistake by itself does not constitute a lesson. It for us to analyse, review and find out the lesson to avoid the mistake next time.

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    To err is human..goes the saying. No one is perfect in this world. Each one of us would have made a mistake in our lives. If we were perfect and without flaws we will try to do better. A student who does not perform well, and has the ambitions are of scoring high, will definitely learn from his mistakes.
    And it is not only children make mistakes and learn, it can happen with anyone.
    Success is like a ladder, each step we have climbed leaving one behind.The same way we succeed leaving behind our mistakes. Accept your mistakes and learn from the wrong deeds .There are people who do not want to accept the mistakes as it hurts their ego. So are the consequences.

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    It is normal that everybody will do some mistake at some point in time in their life. To Err is human, we all know. But understanding the mistake and analysing the situation why that mistake was committed and how can we stop doing those type of mistakes, is a good method for every human being. If we do this introspection and we will not commit similar mistakes again, that is sufficient for him and we can say we are learning from these mistakes. But without doing any thinking doing the same mistake, again and again, will no be accepted. It will lead to the system collapse in some cases. Hence nobody will ask you if you do the mistake once in a while and committing the mistake again and again. But you have to face the music if you are doing silly mistakes again and again. So an intelligent man should learn from his mistakes and become more intelligent. But in fear doing mistake if you don't do any work that also not goes well.
    always confident

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    Yes every mistake is not only a lesson but also a stepping stone for the future success. Take any ones life for that matter, without mistakes no one would live nor progress. Even big leaders, Icons and big people in the society would err in life and later apologise for their mistakes. But in Hindi there is a good proverb. Make many mistakes, but never do the same mistake. "Galthian bahuth karo par wahi galthi dhubara math karna" . Hope the message is well received by the author
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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