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    Shameful world records in women's cricket

    These are terrible world records! Yes, ESPNCrickinfo has confirmed it. Nagaland women's U-19 team made the first record at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh against Kerala women's U-19 team in a Super League match.

    After winning the toss, Nagaland U-19 team opted to bat. The team batted for 17 overs and was all-out for 02 runs. Yes, only 02 runs! Opener Menka scored 01 run. All other players of the team could not open their accounts. The other run of the team came from a wide ball. This is a world record.

    Two Kerala openers came out to bat and Opener Ansu Raju hit a boundary off the first ball winning the match. This is another world record for chasing.

    Shameful records!
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    I find it astonishing that generally cricket-loving people (including the Members of ISC) are so silent about these two world-records. Are they silent because they are not aware? Or don't they want to discuss the shameful records?
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    I don't know about these records. 11 players making only 2 runs. Are they so bad in batting? Or the bowlers so exceptional that batting is such a difficult part against those balls. Very peculiar and astonishing. How did it happen? We should see the video of the match if available. How many overs it took them to score those two tuns. I think minimum two overs. But they have batted for 17 overs. So many dot balls. Very interesting.
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    Truth is stranger than fiction. This is beyond belief and there is something seriously amiss here. An under 19 team playing 17 overs and getting all out for 2 runs is something even school children cannot achieve, they would certainly score more. Many things come to mind, the selection, the commitment, the motive not to score, a mark of protest, even match fixing cannot give such results. Anyway, it would be a pair of records that would embarrass us for a long time and people would be even more embarrassed to break it. What was the official reaction of the coach and team? What has the captain got to say? What has the umpire got to say? Were they a stand in team from a different sport sent in because of no choice? I'm sure we will find a practical believable reason soon.

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    There is no cricket culture in Nagaland. I have not seen anybody paying cricket even at Kohima. Even then, such result is hard to believe. The state should not have sent the team to participate in the tournament.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    There is something out of place here Mr.Partha, Nagaland has a cricket association and a stadium, there are teams playing local cricket. earlier this month in a similar tournament at Dhanbad, 136 wide balls were bowled in the match between Nagaland and Manipur. Maybe they are trying to promote cricket in Nagaland.

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