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    About the point system

    After sometime I have participated in forum, ask experts, resources and I feel happy which are soonly approved. But sometimes the points are vary after approved. I want to know if it is a technical problem or otherwise how can I correct it.
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    When you post a content, the default points get allotted. But later when editor reviews the post, the points are either enhanced or reduced depending on the quality of the post.
    Sometimes cash credits are given,in rare cases, the post is deleted if it is a copied content or has violated the posting guidelines .

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    Yes,I know. But most probably editor review is minimum one to two days for the post get approved. But for last three days it is suddenly approved but points are vary.

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    Once points are allocated, based on the quality you get an enhancement of deduction. If the post has some value, then cash credits are also given, In some instance, I've noticed that the points reflected would be at the time of the the post, then it would change to 4 point + Rs 2 cc or 2point + Rs 2 cc. Hence the individual's My point score for yesterday would also change. This is from my case observation.

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    In forum section if you post a detailed thread, surely 4 to five points are awarded by automated system of this site. Later the editor would review and they may reduce or even delete the thread based on its correctness and importance. Likewise responding to ask experts question needs to be apt. There also if the answer is not specific or deviating from the subject, the post may be removed or given nil points. In resource section, after submitting, the points would be zero, and once it is reviewed the points are allotted. Again if the resource gets out dated within short period due to its content connecting to current trending topic which has no relevance, the article may be removed and thus the points earned and the cash credit earned would be minus. So care must be taken by each member to append the right answers in forum, raise authentic and relevant post and not the routine ones already appeared, give apt answer in ask experts, create good article in resources section to be winner.
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    In both ask experts and forum section based on the length of the answer, the points will be allotted automatically. But later on the concerned editor will go through the ask expert section and he will decide points and cc or rejection basing on the quality of the answer. It may take sometimes two days or sometimes on the same day, depending on the workload and availability of the editor. In forum section also your answers will be reviewed and decided on the points by the concerned. He may reduce or increase the points and also he may allocate some cc if he feels the answer is an excellent piece of information and very apt for the thread. In forum section very rarely you may get cc.
    Articles will be published only after acceptance. Article reviews are also reviewed by editors and necessary action will be taken by them in reducing or increasing the points. They may delete your review. They may allow cc also here. I think you are now clear with the methods followed in these three sections.

    always confident

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