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    Best conductors of heat are also the best conductors of sound. Agreed?

    Sound and heat, both are forms of wave energies. An energy is distributed through a driving force,I.e..; disturbance in molecules.
    Velocity of sound is the fastest in air, but it's intensity is the lowest in air.
    Velocity of sound is lowest in solids, namely metals, but it's intensity is pretty high.
    Heat too, has solids, that too metals, as it's best conductor.

    We are only talking about conduction. Don't bring in radiation or convection in between.
    So can we agree that the best conductors of heat are also the best conductors of sound?
    A practical approach is, your hearing efficiency grows rapidly if you use headphones than listen to something in speaker.
    Solids conduct sound better by minimizing the losses.

    Then can viseversa be true too? Bad conductors of heat muffles the sound.
    I bet it is true. Wood, bones, plastic, sponge, gums..etc..; are poor conductors of heat. And guess what? They are also the materials used in sound-proof walls,to absorb the sound.

    Are you in unison with my observation?
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    I feel it is logical. But I have to study further to say yes to the observations and inferences of the author. As mentioned by metals are good conductors of heat and sound and wood is a bad conductor of sound. But it is not a bad conductor of heat. This point requires a little more time for me to get the confirmation and make an agreement with the author. All solids are not good conductors.
    always confident

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    Yes sir. Not all solids are good conductors of sound indeed.
    That is why I stress upon metals.
    I know that wood, asbestos, brick, sand etc .., absorb heat. Coincidentally, they absorb sound too.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Sounds convincing, your examples and reasoning for conductors of heat and sound are believable but the inference I'm not sure, let's see what the others feel.

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    This is just like saying walking on water is easy. Place the first leg on water; before that goes down keep the next and on. You can easily walk on water.
    Learning that Earth is rotating from East to West,most of us would have then immediately jumped to say that to reach America, we will go vertically high from our place, stop there till America comes right down us by Earth's rotation and then fly down.

    A budding scientist has to approach like that.He has to think, imagine, postulate and then by trials and experiments arrive at inference or reject them if it is not proved beyond doubt and practicality.

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