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    Why don't Governments establish ICSE and CBSE schools?

    We know that parents are very mush interested in joining their wards in English medium schools and that too under ICSE or CBSE boards. I find most of the schools under ICSE and CBSE board are in private sector except the schools, which are targeted for certain category of students, like Kendriya Vidyalayas, Army Schools and some schools for the children of Public Sector Employees. We know that private schools are plundering the parents. Even Government is not able to control them. Then why don't Governments, both central and state, establish ICSE and CBSE schools?
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    Will we enroll our kids in government schools now? if we answer that then we would know the answer to why private schools are very expensive. It's like other things in India, for instance health care, restaurants and other service sectors, the private groups are popular but expensive, the government groups are unpopular but cheap. The Government would be looking at an impossible task to setup schools for state and central syllabus as it's a mammoth task that involves dedication, commitment and finance to kick start the program. Any move in this direction would meet many hurdles and people would be forced to give up the project. What can be done is existing government schools can be strengthened,life of teachers and staff can be improved,have tie up with private schools to make education even more affordable. There are also other issues take need more time and resources to maintain the course of the country.

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    What I understand that the government deliberately keeping itself away from established ICSE and CBSE schools for many reasons. First of all if the Central government establishes schools across the country, it must shell down the central government payment to the teachers. Secondly those schools must have all facilities like the lab, sports arena, Library and good faculty. All this needs huge investment and the returns would be meagre or nil as every employee gets one free seat for their children and hence no fees. So it is not viable to establish such high profile schools in government sector.
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    There are many Kendriya Vidyalayas which belongs to the government only. They have CBSE syllabus and also ICSE. All the schools are run with government expenses only. In Kendriya Vidyalaya schools there are some seats where in general students can also join. But there are no schools for general students run by the government. This may be due to the administration problem and huge infrastructure required to run the schools. This may incur high expenses. This is the reason that prevents the government to establish schools in the government sector.
    Similarly, there are many government run state syllabus schools all over each state. There are Zilla Parishad schools, municipality schools, Samiti primary schools. All these are run by the government only. Even after establishing all these schools, they are not able to attract good students due to the reasons all of us know.

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    In Delhi, all the Government schools are affiliated to CBSE. Moreover, there is no dearth of Government school in Delhi. In addition to State Government schools, there are many Kendriya Vidyalayas in Delhi which are financed by the Central Government. So, the question raised by the author has no meaning in the context of Delhi.

    So far as various State Governments are concerned, the Government aided schools are affiliated to State Boards, which is perfectly logical. In states also, there are many Kendriya Vidyalayas which are Central Government aided and affiliated to CBSE.

    ICSE and ISC are private boards. No Government school can be affiliated to private boards.

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    Seeing the governance in Govt schools it is very easy to conclude that govt should not take education in its kitty except making some basic rules and regulations about it.

    Free education is an evil as everyone joins it whether they have interest in it or not. For economically weaker sections it may be useful but not for all.

    We are having a paradoxical situation in education sector today. At one side we have five star colleges while at the other side there are schools where basic amenities are not there.

    India is such a big country and so populous that govt can not even think to take all the educational institutes under it. It will be great mess and state of confusion. Interestingly people who can afford costlier education will be vehemently against this step.

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    Partha sir, thanks for the information. For the first time I came to know that ICSE is a private board. In your terminology, a mango-man, who has studied in Telugu medium in a Government school, may not have that much knowledge about other boards.
    Coming to the thread, the Delhi scenario may be different. But in our locality out of the 50 odd schools, I don't find any Government school, which is affiliated to CBSE except the Kendriya Vidyalayas.

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    Mr. Bhuvan: You are forgetting a basic fact. Education is in the Concurrent List in Indian Constitution. State Government schools would be affiliated to State Boards only. State Government schools can't be affiliated to CBSE.

    Delhi has no separate state education board. So, Delhi Government schools are affiliated to CBSE.

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    #617355. Mohan sir,
    The Government can potentially use this opportunity to earn revenue. Imagine the government setting up a school along with private initiative where in we have to pay on a similar pattern but less amount, it would be as good as most private schools and we would be happy to enroll our children, the government will get their money and if managed well, they can pay the teachers and use the profits for the underprivileged students who can have their basic education free.

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