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    Oaths and Pledges: Does anyone still value them?

    In a country as diverse as India, anything that gives hope to the common man is a welcome sign. One such act is Oaths and Pledges taken by Politicians, ministers, Government servants and other service sectors. These are taken legally as per rules prior to appointment or people commit to them when they speak to the public at meetings and interviews.

    But deep within,we all know that many times it's just a farce, People who should uphold justice can be bribed, people who have to maintain law and order can be cajoled to look the other way, authorities who have to help the common man need to be bribed even to release a simple meager pension amount.

    Even in the healthcare sector, doctors pledge to save human lives and do no harm but sadly some do not keep their promises. It seems now that an oath or a pledge is just a mere formality, a ritual to keep the system happy and mislead the common man who has got used to it. I think the public would now be surprised if somebody takes an Oath and upholds it.
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    Long gone the times when people would die for their word. Oaths, promises and pledges mean nothing at all in modern world.

    Words aren't worth a dime.

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    Absolutely No. Oaths and promises are taken by every people for every profession including all the citizens, politicians, doctors, lawyers etc. Even during marriage the boy and the girl takes an oath. But in the modern world, no one follows that and it has no value.

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    Gone are the days. The people used to die for the words they have given. Dasaratha has sent Rama to the forest for the word he has given to Kikayi. Dharmarajy was in the forest for the word he has given to Duryodhana. Likewise, we see many people who have taken many many troubles and risks to stand on the words they have given to some people. Those days there is a value for the word you have given and the value of the oath you have taken. But these days we even don't know what we told the other person. We will not do that and if somebody asks we say we have forgotten or we will try to tell hundred and one reasons to tell why we have not done it. These days there are no values for the words given or oaths taken. In the court, all will take oath on Gita and say that they will truth only. But every word they utter there will be a lie. This is the order of the day.
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    Oaths and pledges are relegated to papers and it has the validity for the said day and not above that. I just wonder, Governor facilitates the oath of new Chief Minister and then his council of ministers. All of them take oath either in the name of God or their respective faith book. But soon they forget their oath or pledge and even the courts are not taking any cognizance about this. That is why voters are great in our country. They remember every promise and every pledge of the candidate and if they wont attend to it, next time they are not elected and even loose the deposits.

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    Earlier there were rulers and their advisers who were truly unbiased, fair and giving proper justice immediately. They could make out the breach of oath and give apt punishment. That created fear in people and they avoided breach of oaths. There was also the 'fear of God' which prevented breach of oaths.

    Now Oaths and pledges can be taken without mention about God, so fear of God is not there. Now, whether there is a breach of Oath and pledge itself will be dragging on, and people will be divided into two opposing sides. Issues are mostly decided by TV channel debates. As the benefits are with the breaching side, the popular support will be more there. By applying majority principle of 'first past the post' , the breaching side wins.

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    Oaths and pledges are like the things we do in a court of justice where we keep our hands over the holy Gita, Bible and Quran and say, "Jo be mem bolungaa sach hi bolungaa, sach ke siva kuch nahim bolunga" and say only lies and give false statements to get escaped or to get others fixed.
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    I am glad that 6 ISC members echo my thoughts, Oaths and Pledges have lost their relevance. Excellent replies, would request other members to contribute. Sounds like, it would change soon.

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    Let us not confine the words to public life but we should see how far we stand by our promises given to someone. I don't think all would sail on the same boat. There are people who are still disciplined, stand against all odds to stand by the word they promised. I don't think people lost their God fearing nature. The celebrations and religious sentiments have gone on a rising mode than before and the Padmavati row is a simple example for that. I am not deviating the main topic under discussion but trying to correlate the religious faith (that has been inculcated in us by politics or our real instinct!)

    If you pledged your wife to give up smoking and continued to do so, it would be nothing but honouring your word. Isn't it?


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