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    What will be the implications if Government lays off the under performing employees?

    We know that Government job is the safest job at least in terms of job security. Many Public Sector Banks and PSUs are cutting down their employee strength through VRS and retirement process. Till now there are no lay offs from the Government sector. What will be the implications if Government assesses the employees and lays off the under performing employees?
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    At present there is no rules allowing Got. to lay off its employees. They may be suspended or dismissed that too only on the basis of certain irregular or publishable actions. Dismissal is very rare.
    The government employees are appointed through a screening done by PCS by conducting a written examination and an interview. This is supposed to select capable candidates. However, we know several other adjustments take place in the selection procedure which result in the inclusion of incapable candidates in the final list. But once such persons are in the common man has to suffer.


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    Mr. Bhuvan has raised some questions on Government employees. Let me project some actual pictures. I don't know whether people will believe or not.

    (a) During early seventies, every year more than ten thousand LDCs were appointed in different Central Govt. offices (excluding railways). When I joined Government service in late eighties, around five thousand LDCs used to be appointed in Central Government every year. Since 2004, no LDC is being appointed in Government service. Xerox machine and computer have brought this change.
    (b) The employees who joined Central Government since 1.1.2004, Government does not provide pension. A man named Chidambaram has harmed the employees. This great man also tried his level-best to stop medical facilities for Government employees.
    (c) There is nothing called 'lay-off' for Government employees, the concept of lay-off is applicable in factories and commercial establishment. Government employees don't work in commercial establishments. But have you heard about suspension, compulsory retirement, dismissal and removal from service?

    The grass is not very green on the other side!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Lay off is not done generally in government organisation Even if you lay of an employee you have to pay half wage. No such rule is available in these units. They can terminate the employee is doing something wrong following all provisions. The government employees are not governed by the rules of private rules. Even they can't close down the units as they like. The management staff also have every right to stay on to their posts without much work. These are not possible in private companies. They can remove with out any notice by paying one month basic.
    always confident

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    For the moment let us forget about the administrative staff but what about PSUs. If the Public Sector Enterprises are working like companies, why can't these units lay off its under performing employees? Why don't the Government modify the rules so that there will be less sick units in future?

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    Many terms are used for lay offs like the golden handshakes or VRS. In private sector its a known truth that under performing employees or employees who are unfavorable to the higher authorities would be adequately made aware of their performance or made to leave. There are many ways in which you can lay off an employee indirectly in the private sector. In the government sector it would be difficult to lay off the employee unless the entire unit closes down. Many employees in the Government sector are good and work hard, some would be falling well short of the actual performance needed from them. It would be difficult to assess and implement strict guidelines because of various issues of intimidation, threat of strike, pressure from unions. I think the day is not far when we can expect stringent financial auditing of the government sectors, wherein lay offs would be the way out for many under performing overstaffed units.

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