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    Changing world leaderships and new role of Asian Nations.

    You all have watched various news going around the different news channels that how the countries who were once among the world leaders are backing out from major institutions like-U.S.A pulling out from Paris Agreement and UNESCO, Britain's exit from European Union and recently, U.K had to pull out its candidate from the voting for judge in the ICJ (International court of justice) as he was losing in general assembly voting for judge at ICJ Hague as it became clear that he is going to lose and Indian Judge Dalveer Bhandari is going to win.
    For the first time in 71 years, their is no judge from Britain in ICJ.

    While in one side western countries who are till now considered major powers are pulling themselves or they have to pull themselves unwillingly and one the other side Asian countries and groups who are still under the tag of developing nation are emerging with totally unique images.
    for eg- OBOR project of China and its construction and huge investments at very strategic locations all around the world and major trade leader, India emerging with its popularity among various big institutions like- ICJ, United nations and even getting high ranks in the ratings of credit rating agencies like moody, becoming a location favourable place for businesses to invest.
    Also, groups of Asian nations which started as a little faction of small countries like-ASEAN are becoming the center for world's major trade.
    How do you see this situation?
    Do you estimate any change in the upcoming world leaders in the future?
    Will the next century be really an Asian century?
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    India is the most important customer in the world. To be honest, people make things in such a way that it sells in India for sure.
    In all the Asian countries, India, Singapore, China, Japan and Pakistan are playing a major role in world economy..
    Indonesia and Brunei has closed their doors to west.
    Japan is one of the richest countries in the world. It is the most highly developed Asian country industrially. Singapore is financially stable.
    But only India and China are self-sufficient.
    All other Asian countries are dependent.
    So it wont be an exaggeration to say that India will be a superpower by next 20 years.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Asian countries will definitely be going to play a big role in the coming future. Especially India and China who are having highest population are going to play a key role. These are the biggest markets for any company in the world. ALready China is making different types of products and making its products available all over the world. Many big industrial houses of US and other big nations set up their manufacturing their facilities there. Now the change in the style of ruling in India and under the Make in India Programme there are many chances to start production in India. If its happen and we are able to establish the facilities for manufacturing we will overtake China and establish as a major supplier to the rest of the world. Those days are coming ner only. Most probably another 10 Years we are going to see a sea change in these matters in India. India will be a developed country and will have a good say to control the world.
    always confident

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    Though this is a time to clap big and pat our shoulders ourselves for the elevation of Mr Bhandari as the CJ of the International Court of Justice, we are still lagging to muster the support of the International community to secure seat as a permanent member in UN Security Council. The decade long effort by the Indian leaders could not yield any result so far and this is the unseen reflex of the other countries as to how they are trying to undermine our capabilities and world leadership. India is emerging, continues to emerge...., just like India is a developing nation... but not a developed nation.

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    Yes Asian countries have become more vibrant in the recent past and the silent competition between them in various fields has baffled the so called developed Nation. Even American President Donald Trump sees a great leadership in our PM Narender Modi and he feels he is capable of maintaining peace in Asia. That is why when Hafiz Sayeed was released by Islamabad, immediately USA has demanded arrest of the terror master mind and keep him in jail. That means Indian diplomacy with other countries and even US is well recognized and that is paving way for more importance to Asian countries.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The power of India and China are getting more and more accepted around the world. Imagine if both these countries could set their difference and join hands, they would be force to reckon. Yes India does have the ability to be a superpower, all it has to do is to show a decent growth rate and remain stable for foreign investments to keep pouring in. We cannot compete with China in terms of exports and the cost efficiency Chinese products offer, but we can at least learn from them. Britain pulling out of Brexit is not a sign of weakness, it's a clever move and they we doling out huge sums of money to the struggling economies within the European Union. I think India should also think about the money it pays out to the SAARC countries. Yes, we should be proud of CJ in International court of Justice and hope to get that coveted tag of UN security council permanent seat.

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