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    It again comes back as fashion.

    We are humans and we have certain basic traits and basic requirements.

    One of the important requirement in life is to get a break in a monotonous life. Even within a day we want to change our tasks from one to another. Monotony is to be broken at any cost. It is inherent in our nature. I require a cup of tea at least in an interval of 2-3 hours during a monotonous work.

    Fashion is like one of these things. You can not go on having same designs and patterns for your clothes and other accessories. They change with time and most of the time mimic the fashion trends around.

    That is how the business of apparels, jewellery, leather goods, cosmetics etc thrive and prosper.

    Many times an old fashion with minor modifications or sometimes with no change again comes back with a bang and everyone runs for it as it is the latest fad. We simply forget that long back it was there and we were equally crazy about it then also.

    Anyway it again comes back as fashion. What do you say?
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    Yes I appreciate the author for his close observation on fashion trends in any things. When we were young the boys used to wear bell bottom pants with lots of opening at the feet and not tight fitting as worn now a days. And the ladies used to wear puffed blouses. When you see the old Amitabh Bachhan or any Tamil film of MGR you can find the dresses quoted by me. Now the same dresses are out in the market and modern boys and girls are taking pride to wear the same. So what was the out dated fashion for us has become the current trending fashion for the youth and thus they accept.
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    Earth is round. Always this is happening. Old fashion after some time is getting into the limelight.The people even don't know that this is existing at other times. Once upon a time, half pants were the fashion to gents. Slowly people stopped using those items. Recently half pants are very popular. Yes, bell bottom pants were old fashion. But recently I have seen some people wearing these Pants. Similarly, olden days blouses for ladies with long hands are very famous. Then came sleeveless blouses. Again slowly the blouses with long hands are becoming popular. This will happen in all fields. Old forgotten points will come back as new fashion.
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    Yes, old fashion keeps repeating itself time to time and even designer keeps bringing it back on the name of classical dresses, ethnic wears, comfortable clothes same goes with any other accessories.
    On the name of the revival of traditions and old values many big brands, shops and designers again bring back old things with a very minute or slight modifications and young generation believes it to be new but old generation watching these things from distant realize that these are the same things which they once used to wear.

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    Yes, I have also noticed that many a time old designs return. I have noticed it in case of jewelry. I see many women have started wearing old-style jewelry in marriages and in other social gatherings. Ear-piercing of males is also a very old custom which has returned.
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    True, I have noticed it in the cases of dress. The old-fashioned Kurtis and salwars are now in trend.
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    Old is always gold. People are going back to the old fashion and style. Girls are going back to Thavani(half saree). Boys keep their long hair and wear earstuds. Even they wear nosestuds. Fashion is just circling to see the old by the young, though it may look odd to the old people.
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    Earth is round. Life is a cycle. Universe is subject cycle of events.

    No wonder we can see things repeating. Whatever is written in Mahabharata, Ramayana etc are still seen enacted around us. The stage,actor and viewers change, but story repeats.

    Every day of our life reminds us of cycles. The Sun sets this day to rise next day and again set in the evening that day. Just some cosmetic changes here and there,otherwise life is a cycle and repetition.
    That is why the saying 'Old wine in new bottle". Fashion too is similar. Like movies, they are also new reprints, remakes or plagiarised copies. As far as there are takers these will go on in cycles.

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    Change is constant, but nothing really changes much isn't it? The fickle human mind doesn't like monotony, doesn't like the same repetition, it seeks something different, something fresh and new for a change. It's the same with many things in life. We grew up with one shampoo, get fed up, now we have shampoos for dry hair, brittle hair, coloured hair, hair fall,oily hair etc. People have to keep re-inventing things to stay in vogue. Same with clothes, they keep changing the shape, size, cut and then re-brand it. People get bored with village life, come to the city, after a few years feel bored and yearn to go back to the villages. Take for instance dhal, we shunned the dhal produced by the farmer, took to the shiny polished dhal from companies, now after a few years the companies sell unpolished dhal and we buy it happily.

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    It is not only with the clothes that fashion comes back. Accessories, shoes, belts, earring, nose rings etc too have the same come back. Trational jewellery is very much in vogue.The jewellery our mothers wore was unique and is now considered very valuable in terms of price and fashion.

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