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    Many facilities available in small cities lack in big cities

    Small cities are really good in sometimes as some facilities available freely (not free of cost) but same such facilities are not available big cities. People expects the same but got dejected when they are not getting. For example recently it has been announced for pensioners to submit their life certificates within this month end. Usually it has been given in the retrospective banks. But this time most of the banks of Chennai city refused as they do not have relevant facility and directed the pensioners to approach respective Govt. Offices or e-centers. But on sharing it has been informed in small cities the banks are doing.
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    No. Not even in small cities, in big cities also some banks are doing. The banks which are having the facility of capturing fingerprints are doing that. In Hyderabad, some HDFC banks are doing that. Why not in Chennai. I don't know. In Hyderabad, there are many e seva centres with the facility of capturing the fingerprints. Those e seva centres are also doing that. If governments employees they can go to their respective offices. But for private employees who bets a meagre amount of Pension, they should go PF office. Even in villages, these E seva centres are doing this work. There may be many e centres but to those centres who have the facility of capturing fingerprints only were given this work.
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    In small cities the customer base of banks are less and they identify the customers by face and some times even the bank manager goes to the customer place and thus a cordial relations exists. But in big cities, the staff of the banks are rude and they wont even talk properly not clarify the customers. Bank staff forget that they are thriving with our money and the salaries are paid with our deposits with them and thus senor citizens get annoyed with such rude behavior, That is why when Ramesh Gelli started Global trust Bank with Pranam to elders as its tag line , that was a big hit.
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    #617125 sir, it may be ok for some banks in Chennai but the pity is famous renowned bank which many branches but without this facility . Moreover no correct /polite response they are telling. My worry is about aged pensioners.

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    Many Public sector banks have become hard pressed for staff and resources to balance the books. Few branches have helpful staff or high volume clients are attended to, you have to ask for many simple things, some staff believe that the clients should know everything about the formalities, they don't realise that its their duty to help people. Hope at least the e-center help the pensioners.

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