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    A walk down the moonlit road

    Because I have been posting gloomy content lately, here's something new I tried.

    We began to take a walk
    With our hands perfectly locked
    Swinging them back and forth
    Walking down the moonlit road

    Cherry blossom petals start to fly
    Engulfed in joy, you and I
    Kneeling down,I pulled out a ring
    "Will you please be my everything?"

    You just ran around and leapt a lot
    You're just as weird as I had thought
    Flowing tears of happiness in your eyes
    I promise you, I'll never make you cry

    Let's fix the wedding to next week
    I see you've got red cheeks already
    You want it to be a simple ceremony
    With just close friends and family
    Sincerely we take our vows
    I hope our love only grows

    Colorful presents come and go
    Can't wait for our future anymore
    With beautiful fireworks , the day finally ends
    Time to leave, my dear family and friends

    Now we embrace each other tight
    And kissed for the rest of the night
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    Your poems are always very realistic, interesting with right amount of rhyming. And sometime they seem like you have written your own experience as it is but slight circumlocution of words but still the gist of the poem and the story which it is telling is quite visible which I really appreciate..
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Well done. I think you should seriously write an article on poetry for dummies (like me). What a beautiful narration Aditya, wonderful, would take many back to the good old day when life was simple, hearts full of joy and sky was the limit. Such memories would be cherished by people how have a love marriage. You have captured the essence of every couple in life who take it to the next level, May they live happily. Yes, a good deviation from the gloomy stuff.

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    Well written.Aditya, your poetry is good and your word usage is very apt. You always present the thoughts in poetic form. All can't do that. I think you can attempt bigger poems and songs in English. How about your knowledge in Telugu? Do you practice poem writing in Telugu also? Try some good stories in form of poems so that people will enjoy your poetry well. Well done. Keep it up.
    always confident

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    Normally marriages are being dreamt by the youth as they fascinate the daily on going of love making else where by others and thus they bring in their inner voice to the forth. Nothing wrong in it. After all every one gets married. But again who will get what match is the million dollar question to which either the parents nor the candidate would guarantee. However life is destined to every one at the prescribed time to begin their family way, Some are over enthusiastic, some are normal and some are not having interest at all in leading a family way of life. But for the sake of writing a word of appreciation to author.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes Srinivasa Rao, I have learnt Telugu.
    But my Telugu grammar and Tamil grammar isn't very great and I'm bound to make bad works in those languages.
    So I'll limit myself to English, occasionally Hindi.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    A poem expressing the romantic attitude of the young.
    I by penning such expressions and imaginations that one can progress to a good writer. However to make one a rel poet or litterateur it needs vast reading and good experience and exposure. That will come by. Initially there will be influences of what we read and got influenced. But gradually one's ' own unique style stabilises.

    I express my encouragement to the author.

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