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    Surprising how our people this much careless

    India has its own heredity and culture. Ours everything followed sincerely by many foreigners but we are neglecting our own. Indians hesitating to learn Indian languages but keen in learning foreign languages. English was introduced to indians by British to ease for them. Thereby we are all studied English. But now even British English considered outmoded. Our own sanskrit has its own heredity and speciality as the same was being a spoken language then, many scripts were done in sanskrit irrespective of subject or topic. We people treat the sanskrit language as alien one. One German scholar named Maxmuller learned Sanskrit thoroughly and did many workings in sanskrit by his own.
    Recently I heard about a language namely Brajbasha and on searching it has been known that that language was in vogue in the belt of Agra,Mathura during 18th century. It is further to my astonishment a British Scholar wrote a book on the Brajbasha language and some pages I read in computer and found that his work was great one and realized that he was scholar in Hindi also. By seeing this I am ashamed why our Indians have not done any work like this.
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    There is a saying in Telugu. Peruginiti Pullakura Ruchiekkuva. This means the neighbour's curry which is very sour is better than the curry made in our house. Same is the case here also. A Telugu person feels shy is speaking in Telugu. His friend sand relatives also treat him great if he talks very good in English. So we want a recognition by our associates. If all talks in Telugu if I talk in English I am great. With this thinking, only many of us are forgetting our Indian Languages and going for English. Sanskrit is the oldest language. All Vedas and Puranas are in that language. Unfortunately we the Indians never gave importance to that language. But Germans understood the importance of the language. They learned. They are talking out all that written in those and becoming scientifically excellent by proving them. The worst part is we are going and getting that technology from them. The government make Sanskrit a compulsory subject and see that the language will improve in our country,

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    More and more people of this country and now thinking the way you thought. Unfortunately that is taken as an offence by many of our own country people. Those who wanted to destroy the Indian culture, art, languages and traditions and the repository of knowledge, thought that they could accomplish what they envisaged. However when they see that there are new buds coming up randomly everywhere to resist the total destruction and are trying to renovate and rebuild at least a minute fraction of what is lost- they all frown on us and brand such people but giving varying titles.
    A great credit has to go to the young techies of our country who are doing a yeoman service in digitising whatever things they could retrieve, which are almost forgotten and thought as totally lost.
    I will agree with you in wondering and surprising about how our people this much careless- but not about present generation, ut the those early old generation, who could no understand the devious aims of the foreigners who came to this country at various times, and did not react in same devious way. When the resistance came at last, we were divided in such numerous fractions that we could not get the united strength. The same 'divide' tactics is still being used by the indigenous versions or vestiges of the earlier attackers.Even now, many naive and innocent fall victims of that,though the percentage is coming less and less every day.

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    We learn English because, we need a common language right form the school level to the global level to interact in many events that are relevant to us and others. So, the incentive to learn English is high.Unfortunately, the incentive to learn mother tongue or Indian language is not there apart from patriotism. This is think is the real truth. Imagine introducing 3 languages with good scoring abilities, children will learn them and parents would not object, introduce the same at college level and give importance and make it a little more mandatory to learn about Indian works.

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    Yes our own people wont respect our tradition, richness in our languages and above all stoop to the level of allowing others to criticize the culture. During my childhood, I saw a English Man, truly dressed in the South Indian attire and having Veena on his hand, has sung Thayagaraja Kirthis much to the astonishment of even regulars in this vocal recitation. His dedication was so great and ritual,that he followed all the intricacies while doing the alapana, nattuvangam and rendition. I was also spell bound with his performance. His performance was held in Kumbakonam which is considered the temple town of Tamil Nadu. What I mean to say here that foreigners are most interested in our languages, our culture, our attire and they would follow them and learn them fully and even master over it. Such kind of dedication baffles us and even bring shame in us as we are aping their culture and tradition.

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    We are attracted to foreign culture, likewise the foreigner is attracted to ours. What we needs to encourage children to learn Indian languages and give incentives for them. Set aside some points that would be considered for the final examination, it gives them the reason to learn a language and for parents to encourage them. A child can easily learn at least 5 languages apart from English by the time it reaches 10th standard.

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    Learning new language is not a wrong thing but in the progress forgetting and neglecting your own languages and dialects is definitely a wrong thing.
    It is not the fault of the new generation that they are not learning our old language but to more extent of our education system which either doesn't give this language in curriculum or makes them optional at very basic language.
    Firstly, considering Sanskrit as difficult language student tend to take Hindi as their subject and are reluctant to study Sanskrit.
    Secondly, teachers don't come up with innovative to teach subjects like Sanskrit and goes with the same old patterns of rote learning which reduces a student's interest toward the subject to a minimum degree.

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    Where there is a will, there is always a way. We Indians do not have such will to learn other languages and improve our own language. So no question of doing reasearch on other foreign languages. Indians states are enemy to each other with regard to language. I remember the Hindi agitation by the south in the sixties. Was it required? We don't live and let others not live. The famous Thirukkural of Thiruvalluvar was translated by a foreigner. However, there are few scholars who dedicate their time to better their language. Dr. Karunanidhi is a great scholar of Tamil who writes even in his nineties.
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    Nice thread by the author bringing out our mentality to ignore our culture and heritage and go for foreign things. Some of us are miserably poor even in accepting the language of other state what to say of learning it. No doubt it is a matter of shame for all of us.

    Let us go in the anatomy of this issue. Most of the people in this world blindly go after the things which have some elements of modernization or new technology or fashion or shabby show offs. They feel that this is the only way to out stand in society and get recognition. In this blind race many people are involved and due to this they simply ignore or neglect what rich things we already in hand but does not conform to present day life style.

    So our big temples have no meaning for us but when we visit Vatican city we are thrilled and mesmerized. Anything which is related to advanced, modern and fashionable people will attract us. We will be highly impressed with their attires, language and gestures and will try to copy them in our own stupid ways. That is called by some people as poor imitation also.

    Knowledge is power.

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