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    Have you noticed a new section Win Prizes on the blue line ?

    This morning when I chanced upon seeing the sections of our site, I found a new section called Win Prizes, which seems to be for contest in offing. First I thought all the on going and previous contests were bundled in one section for the benefit of members. Then found that it is a new big contest which is coming soon. You can also visit and try to find about what I mentioned. By the way all the contests and even group discussions can be shifted to this section so that those who are more interested in such activities can directly go there.
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    I have gone through this new Section. I think this is only an advertisement. It seems there is some mistake. It would be rectified very soon.
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    I have also opened and seen. Various products advertisements are coming, Is this place for advertising various products on this site. I don't know what is it for. The Editors may come out with the actual intention and use of this page on this site. Let us wait and see.
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    I don't think we can shift contests to this section as it shows an advert to register for a mobile purchase and win gifts. Maybe it's new ad format authorised by ISC. It looks commerical, so it would be inappropriate to shift group discussion or other threads into it.

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    I have not gone through this section yet and after you mentioned it I noticed it and now as I opened it I saw some advertise of winning the prize after registration. And I don't think its any kind of compilation of all the old competition happened on ISC.
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    The "Win Prizes" tab is a paid placement of a promotional campaign by a third party. ISC contests have nothing to do with the prizes they are offering,
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    This is just an advertisement and has got nothing to do with ISC features.
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    I have already stated that this is an advertisement. Confusion has been created due its position along with other sections of ISC.
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    I think, by the addition of Win Prizes section, ISC is becoming as a business channel than its original educational portal. Should this ad have a place in ISC's columns? Does ISC encourages us to read, register and win prizes by sitting on ISC? Or is it only an ISC revenue making tact by its member participation? Are we not shifting away from the ISC's original track?

    Mr. Tony John should explain the purpose of Win Prizes section at ISC.

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    I feel bad about the "Win Prizes" tab along with the sections. It is better located elsewhere.
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    I think we should accept adverts as we need a source of revenue also and ISC is free for us so far. We all use free apps that has a built in ad coming up. Try reading a newspaper article, 'we get a message your ad block is on, please unblock it as its a source of revenue to give your this article. Even our mails social sites (except what'sapp) have an ad coming in. Interestingly, we discussed a few days back, should we or would we pay subscription fees? we felt no. We accept ads in most of our free internet related sites for our daily interaction. Maybe we would do here too as time goes by.

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    I have noticed the new 'win prizes' only today.( I don't know whether it was there when I logged in last day) Today, now only I am logging in. First even I thought it as a new section. So I clicked to see the details. But when it started to take me to some strange things, as a caution, I closed abruptly. Now that I have read this thread, I stay assured what it is. Thanks to Mohan for this thread.

    I vaguely remember there was something like this a few years earlier also. Some kind of tie up to a commercial product. I feel it was shown in the right side of the page. I am not able to exactly recollect.

    While I would have been wary of advertisements in other sites,due to safety issue, as ISC is a genuine and trusted site by us for all these years, I feel safe and welcome it if it can bring revenue to the site.

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