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    A man only cries when his impotency is greater than his insight.

    World let's women cry as much as they want. But every one tries to stop a man from shedding tears.
    And the most heart breaking sight in the world is seeing a man wail.
    Men are inherently strong and they hold their tears very well.
    But at one situation, even these strong men give up holding back their tears.

    It is when their impotency overwhelms their insight. Impotency is the inability to do something. Insight is the understanding of what is going to happen.
    What can a helpless man do, when every thing happens as he thought yet he's
    unable to do anything?
    What does a person do in helplessness? He becomes angry. He wouldn't hurt anyone else but himself. It takes extreme situations for a person to resort to self-harm.

    But what does sheer impotency do to a person? Impotency is the worst curse that can befall a man.
    He curls into himself and heave. For the first time, cold tears will spill from his red hot eyes.
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    I never understand why people make an issue out of a man crying. Being emotional and crying doesn't have any stigma with it instead it shows a person is sensitive but when it comes to a man people began to stigmatize it.
    And this stigma is so deep-rooted that sometimes people tend to make fun of even a father crying in his daughter's marriage and asks him to stay strong why really why he needs to be strong at that moment when his beloved daughter leaving his house?
    I don't think man crying a sign of impotency but a sign of being sensitive. But a person crying at every little difficult situation should carry that stigma with him because despite gender some situation demands us to be strong no matter how broken we feel.
    For eg- while sending her child outside the state or country for studies a mother needs to be strong so that her child could also stay strong.
    Crying, wailing showing your tears to the world is not a sign of impotency but always keep wailing about your problems is definitly a stigmised thing.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Who said and forbids men not to cry. Crying is the way of expression and that bursts into tears as our emotions ran high on seeing something or going through some act which really touches heart. Normally men are said to be strong and they wont succumb to emotions and black mail as that was a easy catch to force a female to believe and wake her weep or cry. But again men also being a human some times connects to the scene of happening and thus his heart wont keep quite and advise the eyes to run down the tears. That is why even in movie theaters, men also loose their controlling power on emotions and weep along with women.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sometimes it happens. We have the knowledge of what is happening. You know how to stop it. But you can't stop if you don't have the resources useful to stop it. Then they will try all the ways and means he knows. But ultimately you can't stop it as the forces beyond your control. Then anybody will succumb to pressure and lost in the game. Then he has only one way to go out feeling, That is only by crying only.In such situations, it is better to leave him alone and let him cry till he tired of doing that. Then only he will become normal. If somebody tries to pacify him he can't go out of his feelings completely and he will be still in that mood only. It is good to leave him for some to get back to normalcy.
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    I have seen men shedding tears, when their loved ones are hospitalised, when they suffer, when children go abroad for education or work and when girls get married. Men do cry, it may not be so obvious or audible. The saddest part for any man or women is finding oneself in a situation wherein there are no immediate answers and entire family looks up to them but they are cannot do anything. It is such situations of helplessness that affects adults and forces them to do things which they wouldn't do or utter things that they wouldn't do. We all go through such phases wherein our emotional reserves are tested to a great extent, we somehow come out of it and thank God that it's past us.

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    Men too are humans, so there is nothing wrong in them crying. All feelings are allowed. I have seen men crying on the death of their close ones or when they are hospitalized. Also, father's and brothers cry when the daughter/sister is leaving the house after marriage. But I agree men do not cry too often like women. Of course there might be sensitive men too.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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