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    Apart from education each student be trained with one skill and perfection in one sport.

    For the bright students and performing students, the opportunities to get jobs are many. But for those average students who have passed out exams, getting admissions to further education or getting jobs has become challenging and some times very disappointment. Had the school and college imparted one special skill on any trades or one proficiency in any sports discipline would give the candidate alternate sources to fetch jobs or have his own way of living with small business on his own. Every government department has the quota for sports personality and hence it is easy to get jobs.
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    Yes, there is a big problem of getting jobs. The students are being bookish and impractical. The main cause of these is overcrowded in schools. The curriculum is also the burden on students. Schools focus on good results. The students put their all efforts only in getting marks.Physical fitness and Skill Development are necessary for them. Mahatma Gandhi had given the concept of Basic Education, in which Education System should work to make students Physically fit, Mentally fit and Spiritually high.
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    The ultimate aim of these days education is only ranks, marks, jobs. There is no question of knowledge improvement, skill development and extracurricular activities. The schools concentrate ranks to their students so that they can advertise and have more admissions next year and more profits to their schools. Parents want their children to obtain ranks and get good jobs. The students will be suffering from their parents and teachers thinking how to satisfy them. Ultimately the students will not be able to satisfy either parents or teachers. Instead of only books and marks, if students go for some extracurricular activities, they may become good skilled players tomorrow. Similarly, if they concentrate on some skills they may be able to get very good jobs in that field. This is a good advice. The government should encourage the students to participate in these extracurricular activities and skill development programmes.
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    The author is right. Emphasizing this view only in schools (prior to 1980) there were classes for Crafts and PET besides MI (moral instruction) along with other periods daily. In crafts class they teach ,irrespective of gender, and give training in weaving, embroidery and other simple technical topics. They ask students to wear khaki dress for such classes. PET master was there to give training in all aspects of play. In MI class all moral subjects taught irrespective of religion. Besides these before 1968 sanskrit and Hindi were taught as one of the subjects and examination also there. Later in the name of something everything removed from schools and by exploiting this some schools making money.

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    I very much agree with the view that apart from the class room studies, students should be taught a skill of their interest. Each student has an talent hidden, but not explored due to the lack of facilities available in school. It is only academics that has the main focus in school. If a child gets low marks he is considered good for nothing, where as he may be good at sports or good at drawing /painting. I have come across many such children.
    In fact the parents too become helpless when they see the child's performance and get disheartened.
    The schools should have courses of different interests of activities and and more time should be devoted for these activities.
    They should be allowed to grow as they wish, not compelled and reminded of their lack of interest in fields which fail to interest them.

    Yes embroidery was taught to both boys and girls and also there would be some practical knowledge of electrical for both,where we were taught to use tools, like pliers, hammers etc. Learnt to put a fuse when there was a short circuit.

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    It is true that together with the usual lessons taught in school classes a special class for giving training in a skill will be a welcome change. By the time a student come out of the school he/ she must be trained in a skill that is needed by the society. We know that not all students completing School education go for higher studies. After that they turn to same skilled works such as carpentry, masonry, motor mechanism, agriculture, electrification and so on. So together with the regular classes from 8th standard on wards ( three years) if facilities are available for giving training in topics such as these many students will opt for some of them. It need not be made compulsory but optional. Govt. can start such skill development centres adjacent to schools. These centres can provide training to students together with the maintenance works needed at Govt. Offices or such institutions can be attended to. Thus the Govt. Institutions also get benefited from this simultaneously the students get trained.
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    I agree with Dr.Rao, Bright students and top performers do not need too much support from the teachers and school, they need a little guidance and supervision to ensure that they are on the right track. In my view, the true value or worth of a teacher is when he or she can teach the back benchers or the student who lag behind in academics and guide them to the 'front'. Such a motto among school staff would be honorable and praiseworthy rather than publishing list after list of rank holder every year. This would ensure that everyone is better equipped to face life at higher education or Job opportunities. Imparting skills like instance a vocational training class from middle school through high school would give a true opportunity for students to learn some skill based on which they can get a job. Continuing to learn any one sport of their choice also would be useful in later years. For this to succeed parents and students also need to understand and participate rather than feeling that it's just a waste of time.

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    Even if the schools did not provide, at least parents can send the children to learn music, dance, craft or sports. But these days parents want the child to study full time and get ranks. He is not even allowed to play outside and is stuck between the four walls. Let the child mingle with others, it will help in developing his personality. All these definitely will help him in getting a better job later.
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    During the student life one can learn any craft or sport or some skill very easily along with studies. If it is facilitated in schools and encouraged, definitely it will help the students to have other options in life when they complete their education.
    This will be a shot in arm for those who are not very good in academic side.

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