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    Evils of Dowry System. What is the way out?

    Dowry System should be banned in the country. It has affected the women physically, psychologically and emotionally. It kills them like a slow poison. Due to this, girls are suffering assault, harassment, death, torture, suicide and murder. It brings a sense of greed among people, Who think that by pressurizing the girls they can force her into getting money from her parents?
    The social aspect of dowry system is gender discrimination. The State govt of Bihar has taken the step to ban it. Should not it be banned in the whole country?
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    Dowry is no way is legal in this country, as far as I know. Giving dowry and accepting dowry is similar to bribes only. Hence they are not legal. But What I am observing these days is brides are less in number and bridegrooms are more in number. Hence many young boys are not able to get any girl to marry. These days it is the problem. So where is the question of dowry? These days girls are refusing to marry boys if they are not as per their expectations. So now we have to search for a girl who we will accept to marry our boys. In coming years I don't know we may have to give dowry to the girl for marrying our boys.
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    This topic has come for discussions many a time in this forum and overwhelming response would mention that evil system of dowry must be banned forthwith. But what I feel that those who are in villages and who have been given the task of searching alliance for the boy or girl, the first talk would be on the dowry aspect and this is more prevalent in North India than South India. But what is more astonishing is the fact that those who are educated and working in MNC's are also expecting huge dowry to augment the marriage expenses and thus invariably every family ends up parting with dowry.
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    Dowry is an age old evil and there have been discussions about it in various forums and platforms but so far solutions are not in sight.

    Even if it is illegal the people will take it in an indirect way. So that is also not a very ideal solution. What probably required is the social awareness and awakening for the issue and specially the young generation has a lot to contribute here.

    Dowry giving and taking is a chain reaction. It starts from one end and engulfs the whole society as a wild forest fire. There are instances where parents are getting good bridegroom for their ordinary daughters by giving good dowry. So marriage is becoming a business for a few rich parents. Somehow even after knowing all this the people specially young ones are tolerating it.

    Love marriage to some extent is a solution for this but still percentage wise arranged marriages are much more.

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    It's a system that has been around for years, everyone knows that giving or taking dowry is not legal but people still do it to keep their families happy. Even in metros, still we keep hearing of dowry harassment from the inlaws and sadly deaths related to it. It is good that many families of brides are revolting and the brides themselves are more aware and reject alliances even after the engagement. Every week paper are filled with these reports, daughter in law harassed commits suicide over dowry or abused and parents complain to the police. It happens in rich and in poor families despite people being educated. I think the major issue is the old ways of thinking that the bride should pay the bridegroom and family after wedding to live better, a car, a loan, a house etc is demanded and poor families struggle to meet their demands. We have seen so many movies, but still it happens. It is worse in some cases after arranged and in love marriages when the bridegroom starts a business venture and finds an easy way to secure funds.

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    Dowry system exists because of two reasons. These are: (a) Females depend economically on males, and (b) Parents of girl-children think marriage of their daughters is their biggest responsibility. When the mindset will change, when females won't be financially dependent on males (husbands or fathers) and when parents would think education and development of their daughters (and not marriage) are their biggest responsibility, only then, the menace of dowry will go away.
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