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    Gauri Lankesh and Rohit Sardana: what a contrast!

    Very few people knew about Bengaluru-based, ultra-left leaning journalist Gauri Lankesh before her death. She was highly critical of NDA-ruled Central Government and Congress ruled State Government of Karnataka. She was very sympathetic towards ultra-left Marxists. She used to upload the propaganda of the ISI of Pakistan against India. She was murdered in front of her residence. Liberal journalists turned the world upside down after her death blaming the right-wing forces. But her own brother stated that the ultra-left forces might be behind her murder.

    Rohit Sardana is a well-known Hindi journalist. Earlier he was with Zee News and used to anchor a popular programme ''Tal Thokke''. Recently he has joined India Today group and has been anchoring ''Dangal'' in AAjtak TV channel. He and his family has been receiving death threat in extremely abusive language from members belonging to a ''particular community''. The India Today office at Hyderabad was attacked day before yesterday by a group of persons belonging to a ''particular community''. Rohit Sardana has given the numbers from where he has been receiving threat calls to the police. He has tweeted giving details of such numbers. Till now, no arrest has been made. Till now, the liberal journalists have been maintaining a well-calculated silence.

    What a contrast of reactions in respect of Gauri Lankesh and Rohit Sardana!
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    I find the author's obsession with commenting on a "Particular community" is in very bad taste. How can people develop such hatred towards others? Remember that the hatred will consume the person who develops it. Is this propaganda for a particular ideology? I do not know how these subjects are allowed in the ISC.
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    Truth hurts, it hurts very badly. But be aware of danger- it is a real danger.
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    What is the truth? Why does it hurt? What is the danger? Who should be aware of the real danger, the country or the people?
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    The job of journalists have become very risky and also the threat to life is sure as they stoop to the level of investigative journalism which most of the people does not like. Even in the programs like Hard talk in English and Mukha Mukhi in Telugu I could watch how the journo would grill the participant to get the information. Some would take such asking as easy but many mind it and take revenge against the journo for tarnishing the image in television. So such kind of programs has to be avoided if there is imminent threat from the candidate.Any way government should also look at security point of view for some Journalists who are in hit list.
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    The undoings are increasing. We don't understand who is doing all this and why they are doing? I have seen in Hyderabad on a Telugu Daily office also there was an attack this week. They spoiled the office for giving some report in the paper. They tried to attack their offices in Vizag and Vijayawada also, but the timely action of police prevented the loss and risk, In Hyderabad office, the newspaper office requested police help on that day. They came. But they left the place just 5 minutes before the attack. The politics in our country is going from bad to worst. How and who can save the country from these evil forces. The governments should look into these problems and take necessary actions for non-reoccurrence of such actions.
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    #617213: Today is 26/11. On this very day, if an educated Indian asks what the danger is, then nothing more remains to be said. Nobody can teach the meaning of 'real danger' to such people. 26/11 Mumbai has been forgotten within 9 years!

    In this thread I am discussing why liberal Indians are so silent about the threat and obscenities against Rohit Sardana? Is the silence because of the fact that he doesn't belong to their elitist group?

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    There are so many things that happen around us, every moral citizen wants to protest but if worried about retaliation, parking money by illegal parking attendants, extra money for the jobs to be done properly, money for releasing certificates or loans, illegal activities, corruption at various levels, we all see this and want to protest but what stops us is these events, RTI activists killed, families harassed, female members abused, hands chopped off in daylight, social workers tortured and killed, even honest police officers or civil servants take the route of suicide or get killed for standing up against these activities. Journalists being killed are common seen in movies and in real life. The reason is the magnitude of the truth they are about to exposed or the extent of corruption they are about to tell the public can have a huge impact on many officials.I think it's like the multilevel marketing, if one corrupt or immoral person is exposed then there are many faces that will come out the open as each one is linked by the common greed they share.

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    The time moves on. We have to learn and proceed from the past. We cannot hang on to the past all the time. The incident happened in 2008. We have moved on for nine years. No doubt everyone feels sorry for the people died in that dastardly attack. There is no mention of it in this forum where all are educated, shows that people go with time or forget. For myself, I forgot about it totally.
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    Yes, we must move forward, but at the same time we must not forget the past. Forgetting the past is a crime for which only we have to suffer. Let's learn from Israel. The country moves forward in rapid strides, but never forgets its past. It never lowers its guards; the country and people always remain ever-vigilant. Israel never fails to punish those who conspire against it. And no political party of the country works against the integrity of the nation. No Israeli leader in the opposition belittles/ridicules/opposes Government effort to take out the terrorists.
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    Let's not forget Shaheed Tukaram Ombale. He made the supreme sacrifice of his life and caught Paki terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab alive. Hadn't Kasab been caught alive by him, Hindus would have been blamed daily by Digvijaya Singh and his friends for 26/11 Mumbai.
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    Partha, don't you think you are taking things too far? You may be a Mango-man and may be a staunch Hindu and a nationalist but do you have the right to spit venom against all those who do not agree with you? Please, Mr Partha, do not make ISC your playground. It is a humble suggestion. The very comparison between Gouri and Rohit is in very bad taste.
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    What I said is that we have to learn from the past and move on. You are jumping from one topic to the other. In the Rohit Sardana case instead of blaming the others, what the not so liberal journalists and not so liberal persons are doing? They can easily protest against the attack on the journalist Sardana. Why are cases booked against him? He could have limited himself to S Durga. Why should he bring other religions? Spread love but not hatred.
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    Mr. KVRR: This thread was raised to discuss difference of response by liberal journalists in respect of threats received by Late Gauri Lankesh earlier and by Rohit Sardana now.

    The issue of danger came for discussion because you asked this question.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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