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    How to be get noticed by others? Listen aptly to elders, put questions wisely to others!

    Is listening and questioning the best way to get noticed? Provide your opinions on why some people get noticed more than others.

    Often we think that our personality and dress makes our presence felt and others do watch us. But people would also notice how we give a lending ear to those especially who are elders and how obedient you are to them. Likewise, when you put more questions to others, you are not only clarifying your doubts but also making it clear to others that you are one step ahead than many. Even school teachers would be happy and encourage those students who ask questions and get these clarified.

    What is your say on this? Do you want to add something to what I opine, then append the same here.
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    It is true. Interacting with people will give knowledge. You will become wiser. You will get noticed by all. It will give you a good recognition and good name. Many people hesitate to ask questions thinking that others will laugh at them. But if we ask we will get our doubt clarified and we will become wiser. Let somebody laugh. You can count their teeth. Nothing is going to happen. Some people will try to go in offensive when they talk. That may not be a correct way. Talk politely but make your point very clear without any ambiguity. That will give always clear to all the listeners and they will also be on the same frequency. Don't get recognised for your physical dressing and other outer aspects. If you look decent that is sufficient. Overdoing is also not good. Where we have to start and where we have to stop also we should know. Then only we will become famous among our people.
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    Listening to elders or seniors when they are speaking always pays dividends, you at least get some knowledge or life experience that they are sharing. Asking relevant questions about the topic or subject of discussion in groups or in school would always be appreciated by many people including the speaker. In many conferences or lectures often the audience hesitates to ask questions are get their doubts cleared. They know that they can ask but do not ask for the fear are being considered less knowledgeable. I think it comes from our homes itself, many times when children keep asking questions, we tell them don't disturb rather than encouraging the child's inquisitive mind. Often in team meetings, people keep asking questions to impress everyone that they are aware of the subject, sometimes they overdo it and start annoying the boss or other colleagues. Yes, putting forth questions with relevance and with the view of clearing doubts or increasing the subject's knowledge would make our presence felt. We should be careful not to be branded 'a showoff' or an annoying student who interrupts the teacher often.

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    Listening others that too listening elders is an art. It should be in everybody especially the youngsters should be trained to listen deeply. If they properly hears automatically our mind with accept openly or making to raise query to get clarified. Hearing half handedly never help us in anyway. An advocate or lawyer or doctor can effectively serve his client only if he/she hear the client well. If youngsters expected to act in the well manner we our should act accordingly.

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    How to get noticed by others? Members have given various suggestions. Even the author, Mr. Mohan, has himself given some suggestions. But my answer is different. A person gets noticed by others only if he/she does something unusual-only if he/she does something which others generally don't. The person will be noticed by all.

    Let's try to do something different. Let's do something 'hatke'.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Mr.Partha, being different does attract attention but it will be of a different type. We will be noticed but with often with a cold shoulder rather than genuine appreciation and warmth.

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    I think getting noticed is not all about raising a hand to ask a question or lending a ear. You can get noticed when your work speaks for you, more so, though, when you make mistakes rather than when you do something good!
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I have also stated the same thing. We have to do something different to get noticed by others. However, the 'different' is differently interpreted by different people to get noticed.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Doing this differently could mean doing many things to get noted, it could be as simple as getting up and giving your seat to a senior citizen or a mother a child when everybody else is holding to their seats tightly. Lending a hand at home with work, rather than sitting in front of the TV, doing charity work regularly, being honest and efficient at work. All these make you get noticed by people for the right reasons, likewise there are many wrong reasons also that can attract attention.

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    Almost all our deeds are noticed by some. Yes, listening to elders or asking doubts and learning from them is something others will notice. But, doing all these just to be noticed by others is not something that I will support. We can learn many things from elderly, knowledgeable people, so it would be better for us if we utilize that opportunity.

    In an office, I have felt we need to do certain things to be noticed by our managers or supervisor, This helps us in giving them an impression that we are hard working. It is a good thing as it will definitely reflect in your pay, bonus or increment. It is not that you are pretending but just showing them that these are things you do. It is required at times as the manager might not have a clear idea of the things you are doing until you showcase it. That is the reason why in some places, the hardworking staff gets rewarded less and the one who knows to show off gets better pay.

    Another point to add is, people are interested in noticing the bad things you do more than the good deeds of yours.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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