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    Who is a better companion?

    Do you prefer somebody who is quiet or a chatter box as a companion? Explain your choice with reasons.

    Companion is not in terms of the life partner or something like that; a companion here can be a friend, classmate and office colleague, etc.

    There are various types of people with various types of personality, but here I am just talking about two kinds of personality and want to ask who among these two who is better - he one who speaks too much and is a chatter-box or the one who is very silent among the two. Who will you prefer to be your companion if the choice is between only the two types and why?

    I will choose a person who is silent rather than a chatterbox.
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    I too will choose the chatterbox.
    Because I'm not very outgoing in my approach.
    I just reply in a word or two when asked.
    Chatterboxes are fun. We are rarely bored around them.
    Awkward silences will be rare. And the best thing is- you'll never be lonely.

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    I will choose the one who is a chatterbox. It will be fun and lively when they are around. The silent one will be boring. Also, I am not a chatterbox so for me a companion like that would better suit.
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    I was a reserved and reticent person. It was a sort of natural inbuilt firewall or protection mechanism for me. I used to open up only with persons with whom I feel comfortable and confident.

    So when I got married, in comparison, as generally women are, my wife also was talking more than me. But she was not a chatter box at all. But as I said above, after some days of familiarity and confidence building, I could open up and come out from my reticence and be more free and frank. Though now I can say that we have fully adjusted to each other, still I am a less talking than my spouse.

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    Choosing a right companion is mainly based on our attitude and our requirement. If we are busy and does not have time, naturally we do not want to be disturbed by chatter box type of companion. When we are in probing attitude of any thing and every thing then we would like to have such companion who can give further inputs to us. Here I am not talking about the life companion but the best friend in terms of his use to us. Well life companion if not matching to our trend can be changed by smooth transition by politely telling our demands and requirements of behaviour and thus it is possible.
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    A better companion as a friend or colleague should be opposite of you.There is no point in choosing someone similar to you and predict what the other person is going to do or how they would behave or react etc.If you are a serious person who talks less, try making friends with someone whose jovial or outgoing, you will learn more by interacting with them, how to take chances, how to accept criticism or a joke, how to get more out of life.I would choose a chatter box who will improve the atmosphere and keep things lively.Most of the time we spend at work and in friends group is always a chance to let out our stress and put aside our difficulties. At least these people would help us indirectly. Of course one should always remember the work at hand and the deadlines to be able give priority to work putting a lid on the chatterbox when needed.

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    It is better I feel we have a person who is a silent observer as our companion. Slowly by making friends with him, we can make him talk and open up with us. But his born habit of observation he will never lose. That will be an advantage for us. So when a need comes we can take his help and his quality of observing things will be useful to us. Whereas if you have a companion who is a chatterbox he always goes on taking and either he will concentrate on the task or you will be allowed to concentrate on the task. It will bring negative effect on your growth. I have seen both the types. When we are in a very serious mood and working on a particular task this chatterbox companion will come and test your patience. But in the same situation, a companion who is silent and good observer will understand your position and try to help you in achieving or completing your task on hand. So I feel we should have a silent observer companion irrespective of our nature. My wife was a very silent observer. She was talking very less at the time of our marriage. But after 2 or 3 years of married life, she started expressing her views very openly with me and she never loses her observation habit. Now I feel she is my best companion in all my undertakings. Sometimes I share with her my office issues which she understands and sometimes gives very valid inputs.

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    I like the company of both equally.

    The silent type is a good listener, willing to really pay attention to what you are saying. There are times when we do need the silent type for another reason - just to be totally quiet, when you are not really in a mood to chat as such. Such a person is an asset, just being there for you in an understanding sort of way.

    A chatterbox is delightful to have around, to converse with on just about anything, even the most inane topic! Conversation would always flow steadily and this is a great asset especially on a long journey, since time will just fly.

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    You have enquired from members whom they would choose & why. You, though, have not given your reason for preferring a silent companion. Do tell!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I think, the company of a person who listens to others carefully but speaks rarely is appreciated by others. An unattentive person is not liked by others even if he doesn't speak much. On the other hand, a chatterbox who doesn't bother to listen to others, is also not liked by others.
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    I'll prefer a companion who is a chatterbox,but speaks sense. Some people are silent but we do know what is going on in their people who open-minded talk more and express more. My observation is that such people are liked by all.
    Silent people may be great thinkers, or they are in their own world.

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    Yes, Vandana mam I haven't given reason for my preference of choosing silent people over chatterbox is
    Although Chatterboxes are fun to talk during normal life routine when you are in the happy mood but most of the chatterboxes are so much self-obsessed they often don't try to understand the other person and are always try to put their point and reason above all they also try to dominate most of the conversation often give advice which is not required.
    They sometimes to create humor sentiments of others this is not the case with all the chatterboxes but most of whom I met were self-obsessed and always putting their voice above without even considering the other person's opinion or forcing another person to think like them and act like them.
    I may like a chatterbox if that person is tolerant to others opinion also so I better prefer silent person who talks limited but that is sensible and good to hear.

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