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    Today, 26th November is National Milk Day.

    Today, 26th November is observed as 'National Milk Day'. It is the day on which the 'Milk man of India' Dr. Varghese Kurian was born in the year 1921. He was an Engineer and a social reformer. He made revolutionary change in the Milk production sector of this country. He organized milk production sector in the form of co-operative set up and lakh of farmers got benefited from that. A set up called Dairy Development Board was established under his leadership and was made its Chairman. And he continued in that position for 34 years. About 30 farmers' organizations were established and several farmers benefited from them. Famous "Amul" is his brain child. Now it is a world famous brand name in milk products.
    Government of India recognized him by awarding Padmashree, Padmabhushan and Padma vibhooshan. He had received World Good Prize in 1989 and Magsassay award in 1963. Dr. Kurien passed away on 9th Sept. 2012.
    FAO celebrate June 1st as International Milk Day.
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    I am one such person who had to stand in long queues in my childhood to get one bottle milk. Even then most of the days, we didn't get milk in Kolkata. So, on this very day, I pay my heart-felt respect to Dr. Varghese Kurian. I strongly support the demand of awarding him 'Bharat Ratna' posthumously.

    Today is also the Law day. On 26th November, 1949, the Constitution of India was accepted in its present form.

    And we must also not forget 26th November, 2008. All of us must make constant effort to prevent turning National Milk Day a black day by the sub-humans.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Glad to know that it's National Milk day, not a day starts without milk for many of us. I remember the local milkman used to bring milk every morning and evening to us, then it became milk packets. Dr.Kurien was a visionary to set up the milk production and create Amul brand. It's amazing that one person can come up with a plan and strive hard to make it a success where in lakhs of people benefit on both sides, i.e the producers of the product and the end consumers of the product without many middlemen. I wish there were more such eminent people who can bring about such changes in the groceries and food sector. Our sincere regards to such great Indians.

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    It is a National Milk Day. In our childhood days, even in villages get milk was very difficult. The people used to sell milk mixed with water. Even then getting required quantity was very difficult. Later on thanks to Dr Kurien, who was a visionary to bring in the concept of cooperative moment in the milk production. The great Amul brand is his creation only. Amul Baby has become a very common name in all households those days. I support the proposal of posthumous Bharat Ratna to him. Dairy development board has done excellent work under his guidance. Because of this moment, the producers and the consumers both were benefitted. We require such strong people with a lot of commitment to the requirements of the common man.
    Today is also the constitution day of India. The constitution of India is accepted on this day of the year 1949. The constitution is treated as one of the best documents in the world.

    always confident

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