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    Its constitution day today,Today was the day when we got our constitution

    It was on this day i.e, 26 November in 1949 when the constituent assembly adopted the constitution of India and it came to force from January 26, 1950, i.e republic day.
    From 26 Nov 2015, we are celebrating it as National constitution day. All these things written above were all factual things about Indian constitution.
    But to what extent does this constitution has been really implemented, has it been successful in giving the justice to people for which it was made?
    Has it been able to justification with the objective with which framers of our constitution drafted?
    Even after 7 decades of independence and 68 years of formation of the constitution, we can't give the answer to these question in yes because these answers are ambiguous and to some extent no.
    So how do you see the constitution of India on this occasion what are your thoughts about it?
    Do you think the constitution has been successful in achieving its objectives?
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    The constitution has been written with a very good thinking and with an aim to provide equal opportunities to all the citizens of the country. It has been a model document for many countries. The well-read scholars were struggled for long to bring a well acceptable document. They are successful in that. But as the time passed the politicians in India started making amendments as required. The reservation policy mentioned is a very fair deal to the downtrodden people. It is for a particular time period and extendable by 10 years for the upliftment. But this entire policy has been turned to the advantage of the politicians. The reservations were extended and extended and will be getting on extended. As long as this vote politics is there nobody can stop it. But is it serving the policy. The real needy people are suffering and the gap between the haves and have-nots is increasing. The benefits are being utilised by the people who are already well off but only belongs to the community. The same community people who don't have food even to eat they are in the same. In this particular accept our constitution aim was completely twisted and misutilised. Otherwise a good piece of work by the sculptors of the constitution.
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    It's a truly major achievement to be able to come up with the set of rules and regulation that literally govern our country and tell us who we are. Thanks to BR Ambedkar and the rest of drafting committee. Around 389 members took close to three years to draft our great constitution and it is influenced by the constitutions of England,Ireland,Soviet Union, Australia, the USA and other countries. It is said that our constitution is one among the lengthiest in the world and has literally laid down the laws to regulated various aspects of our services and people. It is sad that many services and individuals in responsible positions do not upload the law and use it for their own personal gains. Does it need a review? maybe experts can answer that.

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    On this day in 1949, the Constitution of India was passed by the Constituent Assembly. This day is observed as Law Day or Constitution Day. The Constitution came into effect from 26th January, 1950. This was done to make 26th January a memorable day. Incidentally, before independence, 26th January used to be observed as Independence Day.
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