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    Prevention is always better than cure.

    A very true saying. If we start facing a problem or get caught in the hands of a disease, we understand the value of this saying.
    We are facing some problems, sometimes, we try to ignore it, try it with some normal medications but things don't work out actually. We keep the hope that we are fine with it, but the problem does not end. The problems get serious after sometimes and we have to take heavy medicines and also injections are given to treat. A small pain gets converted into a terrible disease.
    We realize when we actually face it. Sometimes the causes are just some efforts to keep ourselves fit.
    If we eat healthily and keep oneself fit, we can stay away from a maximum number of diseases.
    So, we should always try prevention and not look for cure always.
    If we can prevent ourselves from any harm or disease, it is a much better way towards fitness than curing it later.
    A small symptom or indication of any disease must be treated immediately. Don't wait for the problem to worsen, take immediate action to prevent it.
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    True, prevention is always better than cure. Be it in the case of diseases or issues. Prevent unhappy occurings if one can. There is no point crying or suffering later. Prevention is in our hands but cure is not.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Old proverbs still hold good. A similar one to that quoted in the title is 'A stitch in time saves nine'. Precaution is alays better.

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    Yes this is a very old proverb but very much relevant and important to our every day life. In fact I feel sorry over the attitude of the people that they stoop to the level of self medication for the diseases encountered by them based on the past experience of they taking treatment from the doctor and having the same kind of medicine. For example a normal fever can be due to cold weather, due to indigestion, or due to non acceptance body to our command and stress too. For that we cannot take regular medicines like saridon or dart. One has to consult the doctor and take the right medicine immediately.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Prevention is better than cure in healthcare is an old but relevant quote especially in India. If this is followed religiously by all then the demand for good healthcare and alternative medicine would come down to an appreciable extent. Prevention is often the focus of community medicine wherein simple measures would prevent, delay or mitigate the onset of a particular disease process. We see lakhs of rupees spend on dengue, lives lost sadly but these are preventable deaths if the necessary measures are taken in time. Every year lakhs of young lives are lost in road traffic accidents that are easily preventable. But still, such unnecessary loss of life at such magnitudes keeps happening.In more than one way, this quote remains in theory but not implemented in practice by us.

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    Prevention is better than cure is a very well known proverb in our Country. If you take it as healthcare point, if you prevent the disease it will be better for you than getting ill and getting it cured. By following good food habits and having good habits in all the walks of our life we can prevent diseases to come to us. But many of the human beings will have a tendency to enjoy the life differently and always don't want to be on the same line. Even we know that we should not eat oily foods whenever we see the hot Mirchi on the roadside vendor's shop we will get tempted to eat. This will create a problem. But if you can prevent eating that food, you can prevent heath to spoils and then there is no question of curing. But it is very difficult to stop eating that food. There lies the problem. Not only in health issues, in all walks of our life, it is better to prevent mistakes rather than committing mistakes and trying to rectify them. As a person, I always feel it is better to have things in our control rather than leaving it to somebody and later on trying hard to overcome the mistakes committed by them. Prevention is better than cure.
    always confident

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