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    Cumin seeds and its great uses

    In Kerala mostly in all hotels they are serving water to drink in general itself warm water mixed with cumin seeds. The usage cumin seeds is new to now but since many decades it is in daily usage directly or along with cooking.

    It is better to consume warm water with cumin seeds in the early morning g empty stomach yields:
    * To get healthy facial, hair, solutions to all health disorders.
    * It relieves all stomach disorders, indigestion problems.
    *It freely digests the food intake especially for pregnant ladies.
    *It helps more in ladies after delivery in increasing mother's milk.
    *It reduces the blood sugar level when taking in early morning empty stomach.
    *The potassium content of cumin seeds controls blood pressure.
    *It helps more in ladies especially during mensuration periods.

    In Tamil the cumin seeds are called as 'seeragam' the inner meaning is 'seer agam' which means control the body'.
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    Another great thread from the author which tells the health benefits of cumin seeds (jeera). We must know the benefits of these common spices and vegetables for our own benefits. I thank the author for this very useful Forum post. I personally want many more such posts detailing the benefits of common vegetables and spices.
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    Our traditional life style and habits is tailored in such a way that our kitchen itself is the medical store. Food itself is the medicine. Rather than running for cure after becoming ill, our traditional system takes care of prevention by incorporating medicine in the food itself. So our traditional , time tested spices apart from giving taste and flavour also serve as preventive and curative medicines. They are needed in small quantities and are very effective without any harmful side effects.
    In that way Cumin is also a spice and medicine. If we carefully analyse our foods and recipes, we can see tat cuminis added as an ingredient in which the major ingredient is can cause indigestion or gas or stomach upset for some vulnerable people. That is cumin is added to any food item that may cause 'vaayu kopam'.or gas in layman's words.

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    Nice to know.I used to drink water boiled with cumin seeds but never knew about its advantages. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks to the author for the nice tips about health benefits of these household items that are easily available. I have had rasam with more jeera and pepper for cold and throat irritation. It works very well. Jeera rice with a little olive oil tastes very good along with non-vegetarian dishes and is easy on the stomach.

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    Cumin seeds are having good medicinal values and a good remedy for many common health problems. As felt by Venkiteswaran our kitchen is having almost all remedies for common health problems. So we should design our food in such a way that we take all important ingredients as a part of our food. When there is slight indigestion problem if you take Cummins seed and a little salt heated with one or two drops of ghee mixed with rice your problem will get solved. similarly, almost all small ingredients like Ginger, turmeric, pepper, etc., have many medicinal values.
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