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    Why do people cry? What about you?

    People cry to express their emotions.

    The point at which the feeling become so intense that we tear up and start crying is threshold point.
    Threshold varies from person to person. Some have very low threshold, they need only a small push to cry. But a person with high threshold, called as thick skinned, need a significant event to cry.

    What type of person are you? Soft skinned, medium skinned or thick skinned?
    I expect interesting answers from all of you!
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    Like most of other men I don't cry. I always try to hide my emotion from others. I don't express any type of emotion in public.
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    Crying is a spontaneous expression of our emotions. On growing we consciously try to hide our various emotions, and so we try to hide our tears also. For men it is generally taught and thrust that he should not cry as it will show him as weak minded.
    As a child, I used to cry when I feel sad due to any cause. I used to have tears when I see some emotional scenes in movies also.

    By and by I also started to hide my tears somehow. It needed some conscious self training. So much so, that this led to a still higher level of hiding all emotions, as a habit. Hence I was misunderstood many times, as not having sincerity or attachment etc. But only I knew how vulnerable i was, especially when I see others pain.

    I had attempted but failed to see a particular movie fully and had see it only partially till this day,because after a few scenes, I would become emotional and come to the verge of weeping and crying. I knew the that I would not be able to control myself crying further. At that stage I stopped viewing. I attempted to view it whenever it was repeated in TV at different times, still I failed till day.

    Now that I am also advancing in age I am not sure how I will e reacting to various situations.

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    I raised a similar thread few hours ago.

    Tears come out when something intense usually happens. It is what people call "touching". When you see something beautiful, tears run out.
    A ground sweeping tragedy too.

    As for me, I can't cry anymore. Not even if I tried. Then do I classify as thick-skinned? I think so.

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    For me it depends on the situation and how badly I am hurt. But I normally do not like to cry in front of others, except my family. I try to hold my emotions when I am at work or outside. So far I have been successful. When it comes to my family, I am very sensitive and can easily cry. I think I can't take it when the people whom I love say something or when something happens to them.
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    People cry to variable extents to which one can see, it may be just a few tears in the corner of the eyes, a trickle down the cheeks, a sob or a wail. It depends on the event (joy or grief), emotional makeup and the surroundings and to some extent culture. If you few Western countries, people don't cry visibly at funerals, except for the wife or mother who would be sobbing, the rest would be sombre. Indians and Africans cry out loud at funerals, it takes many people to console them. At joyous occasions, many have wet eyes. Thick skinned is often applied to people who don't care for other's well being and may not suit the thread title. At functions, many people cry loudly to let out their sorrow or joy or pent-up feelings. Crying should not be used as a measure to judge a person, people who know each other well would understand the emotions of the person concerned and any theatrics in expressing the joy or sorrow arouses suspicions. I tend to have wet eyes.

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    There are different types of expressing our emotions during trying times. When lost some one very close and we love so much, the out burst would be crying. When we see some characters in the movie or television live shows, their act force as to vent our tears. That is emotional tears. And when some one scolds us for no fault of us and during that time what we get is the weeping which cannot be controlled and that would be registered in our mind for ever. Normal human beings who have gone through the ordeal of life and experienced the bitter life moments in the past always connect with the persons in distress and hence cries. Even myself also gets emotionally charged when I happen to see the reality show and their personal story of winning to the stage and that kind of ordeal and challenge some times brings tears in the eyes of judges too. After all human beings who are good at heart and on seeing others plight would cry.
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    Thanks friends for the terrific responses!
    Mohanji, There is tears of joy also! People breakdown in tears when they are happy.
    Don't you cry tears of joy when experiencing happy moments in your life!?
    Cutting onion also make you cry! I think no emotion in it.
    Miss Chitra, You mentioned it depends on the situation and how badly you hurt. People feel better after a cry. Crying is changing the chemistry. Crying tears is the body's way of restoring emotional equilibrium.

    Come on Guys, I want more responses!

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    I think I am medium skinned. I do not cry for every small thing or problem I face.But, if a problem persists for a long time and I am very hurt and angry, the outcome is tears.
    I think physical pain hurts me very less compared to emotional pain.For example, I may not cry so much due to an accident but may cry more if someone hurts me with their sharp words.

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    Generally, we will all get emotional under certain circumstances and conditions. There are many ways of expressing our emotions. When we are very happy and hear a very good news our face will be glowing like anything. In case of some people, they try to avoid showing their feelings outside. So they try to keep their face normal. But some don't do it. We can easily understand that they are in a very happy mood by seeing their face. Similarly, crying is also a way of expression of our emotions. But many people think that crying and getting tears is a weak person's habit. So everybody tries to hide this emotion. But under certain conditions, we may not be able to control our emotions. Then we can't stop our tears. I am very poor in expressing my emotions. I am a very passive man. Either happiness or sorrow I take as a happening and I generally avoid reacting to those situations. I am very poor in expressing my emotions and feelings. Sometimes people will misunderstand me due to lack of expression of feelings.
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    People cry or weep for different reasons. One major reason very often will be the death of somebody who is very much attached to us. I do remember the occasion when I reached home from my work place hearing the news of my father's death. I could not control myself. Mother was sitting in a corner weeping all the day ( father died in the morning, but myself could reach by the evening ) started again weeping. Then I too broke my control and started weeping loudly. After a few minutes I became almost normal entered into the duties a son was to do when father was dead.
    Under such a situation that cry was actually a natural controlling mechanism of my grief.
    Controlling weeping under such situations will not be helpful. We will not come to the normal course of doing our duties.


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    Crying is a normal reaction of humans to certain stimulants. It is a sudden outbreak and some people are able to control it though it is visible on their faces in one way or other.

    Another nearest to this is when we are influenced by an emotional situation and our eyes are filled with tears and we wipe them with a napkin. We do not cry and sob then but it conveys our feelings.

    It happens with most of us and I am not an exception. It clears lot of strain from our mind and we feel as fresh as after a long sleep.

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    Crying is one way of outburst of emotion in human beings. It is according to some doctors good to health as being a hard skin person the mind cannot tolerate after some extent and the same may lead to heart attack. If one wants not to cry on situation, he should make up his mind as sthithapragnan, that is a person treating everthing both good,-bad,happy-sorrow equal.

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    Dear Friends,
    I think, all have tears of sad and tears of joy moments in our life. Tears of sad moments are hurting everybody. No need to discuss. So, Let us share 'tears of joy moments' here.
    I cried tears of joy when my son started walking slowly and slowly and slowly by putting first step, second step, third……..!
    What about you?

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    Neeraj, w.r.t your last entry, as parent we have had tears of joy when we'v held our children for the first time, when they have started to speak and when they went to school for the first time. We still have their first dress, first book and pictures of the early smiles and look at them at least once in a while and we still get emotional even now. Yes, tears of joy are still there in all of us, its what keeps us going when we face hurdles in life.

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    This thread is again revived!
    But, I am not finding any response from members regarding tears of joy moments.

    Finally, I would like to say here that suppressing or avoiding emotions can make you stronger but men and women who avoiding emotions, especially negative one, are more likely to experience high anxiety and depression in their lifetime

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    Crying is a natural outburst of our feelings in certain circumstances. There is nothing sad about it. If a person is sentimental, which most of us are, he will definitely be crying in those situations.
    To some extent crying helps us to release our sorrows and sadness.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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