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    Islamic counter-terrorism alliance: an answer to Global terrorism problems?

    A few weeks back, I raised a thread on changes in Saudi Arabia. Today, the crown prince of Saudi held the first summit of Islamic counter-terrorism alliance (first announced in Dec 2015). ICTA has 41 Muslim dominated countries and has pledged to chase terrorist until they are wiped out completely. The members also include Egypt (sadly had a terrorist attack a few days back), Pakistan, Lebanon but excludes Iran, Syria and Iraq.

    In principle, it sounds very good, an alliance set up to fight terror and change the perception of Muslim nations as being lenient on terror groups. There have been many terrorist attacks in Europe, the USA, parts of Africa and the Middle East itself. If it succeeds, it would be a solace for the families of 26th Nov 2008 victim of Mumbai terrorist attacks.
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    First Terrorism is a very complex subject in middle east. One who is a terrorist to one country is a freedom fgihter to other. The only organisation which is accepted by every one in middle east as terrorist is ISIS.
    For eg. Hezbollah group is a millitant group according to Saudi Arabia but freedom fighters to Iran.
    Syrian regime is backed by Russia while Rebels like Free Syrian Army are backed by US.
    The allaince in news is basically a US coalition. This is to formalise the US coalition. Russian counterparts are absent. I am expecting a Russian coalition soon mostly countires of central Asia, Iran, Syria, East European Islamic countries soon in 5 years. Terorism in middle east thrives on complex issues of Sunni- Shia, oil politics, nationalism and consolidation of rule by some countries. Ending terrorism is not the objective of major powers in world and region. The powerplay between Iran - Isreal. Iran - Saudi Arabia is to stay for few more years.

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    Terrorism is a method of using selective violence and media coverage to establish superiority of one's own ideology. In present-world Wahabi ideology is trying to prove its superiority. So, I have grave doubt whether Saudi led alliance (when Saudi Arabia is itself preaches Wahabi ideology) would be successful to counter terrorism in this world.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The world sustains on a principle of hate and not on love in the present day. It is always' enemy of my enemy is my friend' type relationship.
    How and why terrorism has spread to such an extent? It is because at all times one or another power or country has encouraged covertly or overtly and patronised an emerging terrorist group. The patronised terrorists then know the secrets and ways of the patron and outgrow and become danger t the one who encouraged and nourished them.
    It is at that time that the original promoter rushes shouting and seeking help and co-operation from all others.

    India was warning all nations about sponsored terrorism and proxy war all these years. But many nations who had the wherewithal and command and resources with them ignored and knowingly and/or unknowingly supported promoters or themselves also promote just to have their selfish interests.

    So when now we hear these things I do not know whether to cry or laugh.

    Behind every terrorist group there is sure one or more nations have their hand, though they will not admit it openly. That is why anti-terrorist alliance never succeeds fully.
    There are some countries who act like 'pinching the baby and rocking the cradle too". Probably the only two nations who can have a real authority word on terrorism are India and Israel.

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    Well all these days the Muslim countries were maintaining that the Muslims are fighting for their right or Jihad or what ever it is and that is not considered terrorism . Good that there is a shifting in their thinking line. What is surprising me that Pakistan is also a one of the Islamic group countering the terror. We all know Pakistan is the breeding ground for terrorists and it is the heaven for them. The way Master Mind of Mumbai terror attack Hafiz Sayeed has been freed and how is freely venting his venom against India on his plans to make many more attacks through his Friday speeches, clearly shows that on the one hand Pakistan is harbouring terrorism and on the other hand just to please US , it is acting as a terror against. Unless and until all the Muslim countries join and come forward to join in this league, terrorism cannot be wiped out and may be in future the Muslim countries may be the target of terror outfits.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am remembering a small episode know. All the manufacturers of a certain commodity have formed an association. They have an elected body for that. They all meet and deliberate and decide on the rates to be fixed for each variety of the item and they decide that nobody should deviate the agreed upon points. But the next day when there is a tender enquiry for that item everybody will quote for that item as they like but all will quote definitely less than the agreed-upon price. Hence this association has become meaningless and genuine followers thought joining that association makes no sense. When I have seen the name of Pakistan immediately I recollected this. This is good that they made a common platform and decided to fight the terrorism. If really the same happens there is nothing like it. But how long it will go and is it going to help the countries like India is a point to wait and see.
    always confident

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