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    Does ISC has any mechanism to protect the members against cases if raised for our writings ?

    Now a days every government department and government Ministries are also aware of what is happening in social media and writings in the internet and mend their ways immediately and that is good for the society. But if our members criticise the government or its departments without any strong evidence or reason, can there be cases against the member writers and in that situation, is there any mechanism with ISC to protect our rights and writing? I would like to have a response from our webmaster Tony in this regard.
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    The moment ISC feels that your writing would create problem for ISC and ISCian, the ISC admin will sent it to the delete section. ISC ensures nothing goes wrong to get caught.
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    As per the guidelines" You may be legally responsible for what you post. This website is operated from India. In general, the rules & laws of India are applicable. The Indian laws offer relatively less freedom to talk bad about others, compared to free-speech rights in countries like USA. If you have an honest opinion which hurts others, express it at your own legal responsibility." Read also Terms of Use . All members must read the text posted at these two important pages of our site.

    In case anybody visiting the site has an issue with the content posted in the forum or in any other section, they are instructed (see text under 'About') to contact the Webmasters using the contact link provided at the bottom of each page. The Webmasters will review the content & deal with it as they think best. This could include removal of the content in its entirety to avoid legal issues.

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    We are responsible for our postings. Legal responsibility will be the author only. This is the part taken in terms of use, is reproduced as it is
    Use the site at your own risk. does not guarantee or warrant accuracy and reliability of data and information published on the site. The site takes no responsibility for direct or indirect loss or any kind of harm to the users.
    We should take care of ourselves.

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    You are individually responsible for the consequences of any content you write or post here. ISC management will not be responsible for any issues that may arise from your content. We have limited moderation facility on the website and during the moderation, we will delete any content that WE THINK is illegal. However, there are chances that our moderation may not catch all potential legal issues.

    Please take caution while posting anything controversial or have chances of legal issues. You will be held responsible for what you write.

    Tony John
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    Good reminder by author and admin team, these days anybody can find fault with what we say, write or publish. We have to be careful in what we write when we express our sentiments.

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    Good that Tony gave on the dot reply and that should caution us to post relevant and not any controversial subjects.
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    Let us write only those things that we need not have to disown or rescind later. Let whatever we write be in complying with the rules and law of the land. To the best of our true belief we should write only those that are acceptable under moral ,social and legal limits. Our language should be civil and decent, the way we expect to receive also.
    I think we are overall complying to these limits. Other members can also alert the author if any inadvertent aberration creeps in.

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    This is a good suggestion Venkiteswarn Sir, Other members can alert the author if they feel that something is unacceptable either in the same thread or as a message. Then it's up to the author to accept it in good spirit or ignore it.

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