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    Alas! My fingers are not functioning properly!

    I tried for one hour yesterday! I bowled 6 overs. I tried every trick which I learnt during my adolescence and youth. But no trick worked. Out of these 36 balls, I could spin only once. What has happened to me?

    During my younger days, I used to bowl off-spin at a relatively faster pace. Speed was generated by the movement of right arm around the shoulder and off-spin was done by using the fingers of my right hand. Yesterday when I started bowling. my line and length was terrible, but after 2-3 overs, my line and length became okay. But what about spin? My spinning fingers could not be bent properly and I could not turn the ball (except once).

    Was it due to cold or due to the fact that my fingers could not be bent properly to spin the ball? I am feeling sad!
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    The reason could be the cold conditions in Delhi. It may also be due to lack of practice or the advancing age. You must feel happy that you are still in good physical condition to play cricket.
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    Yes, maybe cold if you were practising early in the morning. Cold can make the fluid inside your body dense and due to that there is extra friction in your joints. This makes the body movements awkward and painful.
    Well, bone density decreases in women around 40 and in men after 50 I guess.
    Your symptoms of ageing I believe.

    But you know what, maybe your'e just having a bad day.

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    You should be happy that you are able to try bowling at this age. It indicates you are maintaining good physical fitness. As mentioned by other members cold may be one of the reasons for non-functioning of fingers. You will definitely improve upon if you practice daily the bowling. It is true that practice makes man perfect. As mentioned by Aditya Bone density may also be another reason for this. But my strong feeling is by continuously practising for a week or so you will regain your old touch. Wish you all the best.
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    Mr.Partha, the simple answer is age is catching up,often the body is not as sharp as the mind and when stressed it revolts to let us know. Glad that you take time to keep in touch with sports like cricket that needs some level of dexterity and stamina. You may be doing things too quickly without a warm up or practice. People run marathons where in they focus on speed, stamina and have different training schedules. Like the others have mentioned it could the cold and stiffness that adds on to the pain.Start doing it regularly and gradually increase the temp, you'll find it gets better.

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    Fifty two is definitely not twenty two. The great performers also had to retire. One's physical strength and mental focus gradually comes don. The smart one will stop when the music is good.
    In your case the reason for the issue you faced can be lack of practice, break in practice, cold weather. Try after some warming up. You may better. the earlier performances.

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    Mr. Venkiteswaran: I have never been a great performer. I played cricket at school level and college level only. I could bat at lower order and bowl off-spin. But it is not acceptable that I can't turn the ball. Spin bowling is an art and age is not very relevant to it. After all, I am not going to play competitive cricket at 50.

    Next Saturday and Sunday, I will give a more serious try.

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    Your fingers are not performing now to hold a ball and spin it. Whereas my fingers never performed to hold a ball and spin it in my entire life. So be happy that you are able to hold a ball if not to spin it.

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    As we getting aged we cannot expect our body to function as our mind or the heart commands. Good that at this age also you are playing cricket and trying your level best to bowl a spinner. But the command given to your fingers are not working due to ageing factor and also cold conditions in Delhi. Nevertheless you make a straight ball bowling and that should be a dot ball. Do not give chance for any hook or shots from by coming forward by batsman. And while you are free, spin the ball regularly and hit on the wall to see that how much it takes turn. Some times keeping the fingers not properly will also result in no spins.
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    Partha, apply mildly warm mustard oil (or any other oil used in your home), intertwine fingers of both hands and rub them to create warmth. Then wash off with warm water. This will help more flexibility to your fingers and you can spin the ball better.

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