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    "Solution for demographic imbalance in India."

    There was a forum thread recently about the changing demography of India. The author asked for solutions to change the situation. I came across a solution suggested by Govindadev Giriji Maharaj, a spiritual guruji. The Guruji while speaking at a 'Dharma Sansad' conducted by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad at Udupi, suggested that every Hindu should have four children to correct the demographic imbalance. In another function at Nagpur, a seer Vasu Devand Saraswati said that every Hindu should have ten children. He assured that the God will take care of the children.

    I find these two solutions are not practicable in view of the exploding population rate in India. Our country is already suffering a lot due to the large population.
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    Ah, when will the Hindus listen to the advice of the Saints? Waiting for those days! The democratic imbalance of India will be solved.
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    I agree with the author that the solutions offered by the Saints may not be acceptable. As expressed by Partha nobody will listen to them. But the increasing population is not the concern only for a particular religion. This should be a concern for all citizens of India irrespective of their religion, caste and creed. So everyone should think of this. Then only the increase will stop. But only some religions practice family planning and other religions not doing that will increase the imbalance. The majority may become minority and minority may become majority with continuing minority status. The government should think about this problem and bring in a rule that no children more than two for a family. Then population will come under control. This is my view of the population increase. I don't how the democratic imbalances of India will be solved. Authors may come out with their opinions.
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    This is a contentious issue where in India is over burdened with the ever growing population. Some faiths oppose family planning, some families limit their number of children based on their financial needs and capabilities to devote time to raise children. Some families have a single child, some have 5-7 children. It is difficult to implement a mandatory restriction on the number of children a couple can have. This fans out religious sentiments and can provoke agitations. On the other hand, were faith allow family planning get annoyed that one religion population is steady whereas the opposite one is growing rapidly. Encouraging population growth irrespective on caste or religion is not good for the nation. What we need is a dialogue and find a way forward to improve the population imbalance. I'm not sure of the exact way to deal with this apart from having a discussion with the learned members of the major religions and see what solutions are practical.

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    Who are those Maharaj's and the so called spiritual babas to issue orders that Hindus should have 4 to 10 children? Who are they? Who is listening to them? New names are cropping up every day!
    I understand, BJP Govt put majority of them behind bars on account of various frauds and rape charges.

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    They are not orders. They are suggested as the solutions to the problem of demographical changes in India. Those who believe in them will listen and the others ignore it.
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