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    Age is no barrier for learning

    Why is age considered to be a hurdle towards learning something new? Voice your thoughts in this thread, which emphasizes the need to look beyond the age factor & feel free to enjoy learning experience at any time of one's life.

    Generally there is a notion in people's mind that a student's life is for learning, middle age is for working and old age is for relaxing. To some extent this thinking is all right because after a hectic middle life, one will definitely like to rest and relax.

    I feel that this generalisation may not be correct in the sense that age is no barrier for learning. Retirement life does not mean that one will stop learning also. Reading, writing and learning are the three important parameters which are required not only to ooil the rusted mind but also to gauge its present status.

    If a person is old but physically fit and in a comfortable environment he must focus his faculties towards learning. It could be through any medium like TV or reading books or creative writing or delivering talks or attending lectures etc.

    Age is no barrier for learning. What do you say?
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    Learning is a continuous process. The moment we are born, we start learning. This process of learning will stop only when we take our last breath. Even we learn throughout the life what we have learned may be a drop of water in an ocean. There is no age limit or restriction for your learning. But here the learning means not obtaining a degree for getting a job. Learning is improving your knowledge and learning new things and becoming more wiser. The reading habit will help a lot for your learning process. The more you read the more you learn. Again here reading is not just going through the pages. understand the content, to do that repeat the reading as many times as you want but finally, you should understand what you read. Whatever may be your age you need not worry about that, you can continue your learning.
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    Yes, its true that Age is not a barrier to learning anyone can learn anytime anywhere and on any device. As today technology is advance so learning system is being changed. Some people learn from the book , Videos, online reading etc and some people learn by working experience which is actually practical learning.

    Once you learn anything in a practical way then you will never forget that learning and this time writing is very easy lot of software available to write by voice or you can search by voice on google also.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Age is no barrier for education. Mindset is. And also health is. Our memory is the best before adolescence and from then on our memory keeps fading away. What use is education for when you don't remember a thing you learnt?
    Age brings disease and stress along with it, both are severe memory damaging agents.

    And mindset too. Age brings sloth. You were a lot more active when you were young right? As you grow up, the body yearns more and more for rest.
    With a mind that cannot concentrate, you can learn nothing. But there is one thing that can overcome these agents of age: Will power..
    Will power lets you overcome both physical and mental ailments.
    So all you need to have is the desire to learn.

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    Age is not a barrier for learning. Fully agreed. That is because learning process never stops. But the format of learning definitely changes.
    However we should know why there is a time schedule prescribed generally. Just like a disk written and overwritten many times undergoes some sectoral error or bad sector, human memory centre for comprehension and retrieval, also undergoes wear and tear. The regeneration is tapers down and becomes very less in the old age years.
    So old ages is prescribed for repeating by retrieval, whatever is stored and not to attempt for writing much new things.
    So old people are supposed to give guidance and teaching to the young generation from the vast experience the old people had.

    Generally the the new inputs in old age is like the RAM, and it goes after some time; it is difficult to store in hard disk.Old people recall very old things, but may forget what happened or talked just a while ago. Exceptions will be there,that is all. Now a days the 'old age ' threshold is also getting advanced. What was old age a decade ago is not old age now.

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    Age is certainly not a barrier if one has the passion to learn. There are many reports of people pursuing their degree courses at an age when most would be trying to fight the difficulties of old age. Our regular academic learning sort off finishes when we settle into our careers and re start if we need to prepare for a promotion or a new job. But the lessons that we learn in life and form our seniors keeps happening everyday.In fact every time we read a thread and respond we learn irrespective of our age. I think we people retire, they should not suddenly be shut out from the exposure to knowledge and the chances to learn and teach others. Even when we grow old, we should be able to contribute as much as possible to share our experiences and learn more about a new language, a new tool, new ways to a peace of mind. The list is endless, all we need is the passion and the access to resources to continue our learning. Many times family members and relatives discourage elderly people when they want to travel, join a yoga class or go on a short trip.

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    I fully agree. There is no age bar in learning. Last year I came to know that a German lady completed her unfinished PhD degree at an age of 97. She could not complete her PhD at the time of 2nd World War.

    In my family also, my father could not continue his education due to partition-related reasons. He completed Master degrees in two subjects after more that 15 years of discontinuing education. I myself took four PG degrees (including MBA) after joining service. Even now, I am planning to pursue PhD after the Graduation of my daughter.

    So I firmly believe that education has age-bar. We go on learning till the day of our death.

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    Yes I agree with the notion that age should not be the barrier to continue our learning spree. One of my close friend, whose children are well settled and he himself has much money and lead a contained life. But even after retirement, he chose to work and be active in his life and when asked why should he work when he can always lead a easy chair life and devote more time for God devotion, he said that as long as my mind permits and my body gives me chance to move and interact, I shall continue to work and earn some money which I can liberally spend on others. That was very good observation he made. Normally when retired and old people are the home they are not cared by others and not even attended. So they get bored and want to do some duties. But the house holds shall scold them to keep quite and lead easy chair life which every one does not like. For me also I want to work even my children gets settled in their life.
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    I agree with you sir, there is no age for learning. Anyone can learn at any age, what is needed is the dedication to work for anything, be it related to sports or dancing or anything.
    If you are ready to put in the efforts, then you have it all, just go for it.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Learning is an on going process. One can learn at any age. Learning and education can differ. We learn many things from others, by exposure in different fields.
    Getting degrees is also learning and that also can be done at any age,but requires interest and motivation.It can be a requirement for the sake of further growth.
    I give my own example, I have completed my education long back, but since then, I find myself more knowledgeable .Thanks to the modern gadgets and technology which has made learning easy. We are getting to know more about the world and people.Our learning would have been stagnant if access to the modern technology was not available.

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    Absolutely true. A recent news. An old lady of 67 years, named Chellaththai, mother of 3 children and in the condition of lost her husband and abandoned by Her sons (though she made her son's as graduates and well settled) got her from the hands of present TN Governor Purohitji, yesterday. She is native of a village near Madurai and living in Chennai.

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    Not only age but caste, religion, status anything is not a bar but real interest and luck is there. Example of recent is ??Three daughters of a single family in a Rajasthan village qualified IAS examination at the same time.

    Their mother is a widow & agricultural worker who toils hard for days & night in the fields.

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