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    History should n't be changed.

    Film producer should n't bring any change in the History. These days there is a hot discussion that Bansali has shown Rani Padmavati in a dancing scene.It hurts the feelings of a special community. For, drawing the crowds, The Producer and Director show those things, which are not permissible.
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    It is true. History should not be changed. But not only filmmakers, many others also in India are good at managing the history to their advantage. In some Telugu movies, even the epics were changed to their convenience to elevate the character of the hero. In a Telugu movie, it was shown that Draupadi is having a wish of marrying Karna also. This picture is having the lead role of Karna. So to elevate the hero character it was shown. But when enquired, some author has written Mahabharata in his own style in which he has deviated from original epic and done some changes to elevate Karna's character. The film director told that they have done that basing on that book. Like this, I think cinema makers are not changing the history but some writers in their creations changing the history and basing on those these movies are coming. The writers or publishers may be responsible for these changes.
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    We live in a society where education is a joke and entertainment is a serious thing. We don't even know if Padmawati was real. I think all those who are getting offended by this harmless and visually spectacular movie should halt their mouths and hands and watch the movie once. Let us first see the movie and then understand if the history is tampered with or not.

    And by the way. History doesn't account everything. It just records impact and significance. We don't know almost anything at all about Christ's childhood. Yet, when Passion of Christ was released, people weren't hurt or revolting.
    India is being plagued by this meaningless insecurity to protect it's culture.
    Remember one thing, the offended, culture exists only as long as people do.

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    Recently I raised a thread that's partly related to this thread. History has often been misquoted, misinterpreted and people select parts of history that suits them and their agenda. Often politicians, mass media portray history in a way that it sells or captures attention or gets the TRP ratings.Sometimes History is documented based on the varying accounts of experts on the same subject and adds to the existing confusion. It should made very clear that its a fantasy movie and people should be careful if its going to affect religious sentiments. Similarly, people also should not use such new movies or documentaries for their own political and personal gain by instigating protests and violence.

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    We had seen even quite earlier, world over, novels, dramas, cartoons, satire and drawings were all used to distort facts and add 'creativity' and 'freedom of expression'. We had also seen the authors were given life threats, intimidated and in some cases threats were really executed and live taken. In a few cases our government gave sanctuary and safety to such authors who were threatened and driven out. In our own country also some books were withdrawn, some lessons from text books were withdrawn, some FB and social media posts were withdrawn and even the authors were punished by applying extended legal provisions. Our country and people had to bear the brunt for something happening outside our country also.

    There were nil or just namesake feeble voices against such intolerance then. Those intimidatory actions were justified as it 'hurt' certain religious sentiments.However when similar cartoons,drawings, deliberate distortions and satires and lampoons were authored with relation to Indian history and traditions and ancient texts and faiths, they were extolled as creativity and freedom of expression. Those were and are the same people who kept silent or looked the other side in other earlier more severe situations.

    It is this hypocrisy and dichotomy that is not acceptable and that is what is quoted by people who were absorbing all such barbs and distortions and twisting of history till this time. What we lack is uniformity and consistency even in reactions and responses.

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    History can't be changed. But the narration of history is continuously being changed in India to suit a particular group of people or a particular ideology. Some events are completely being erased. History is being written in such a manner where the majority community is continuously being ridiculed and an impression is being created that all the goods of India have been due to the invaders who ransacked the country.

    Even today, some people believe this twisted narration of Indian history. Fortunately, more and more people have started understanding that the twisted version of Indian history is not correct.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    History should not be changed I agree. But I will say, even we also do not know what exactly happened in history, be it related to Rani Padmavati or Alauddin Khilji or whosoever in that movie. We have not seen that time, it is just all that we have read in books. Getting sentimental over the religious thoughts on this movie does not make any sense. It is a movie and just a source of entertainment and nothing else. I think those who are against it, should just not watch this movie.
    But these politicians and various political parties just make the havoc of every little thing.

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    When we are portraying the real time characters, a proper care needs to be taken by the movie makers. The Director of the Telugu movie 'Karna' as mentioned in the response #617334 by Dr.Rao has taken the liberty to highlight the character of Karna by projecting an unknown/un-established fact that Draupadi wished to marry him. Had he pictured a song between the two that would have created a mess even at that time. One should be careful while taking liberty in the name of creativity and entertainment. They have their own limits. As Partha has rightly said, everyone is reading and interpreting History at their own convenience and the entire lot should not be taken granted while making movies on historical characters.

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