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    Pent up emotions kept under lock and key

    [This thread is the first prize joint winner of the topic-based TOW of November 2017]

    Every person faces ups and downs in his or her life. Some face problems in childhood, others in their youth and they continue in the later stages of life.
    Some can be overpowered and forgotten with the passage of time but some don't heal easily.
    They can spread like slow poison trying to overpower our mind and soul and make us helpless sometimes. We often keep our deepest troubles to ourselves hidden under lock and key inside our heart.
    But what happens if someone comes suddenly and unexpectedly tries to find a key to the door of our problem?
    What happens if they try to gain unauthorized access to our fears and troubles?
    It releases our pent up emotions over the years and erupts again in the form of anger, pain and sometimes even violence. It is a part of human nature which is out of bounds to even us in terms of control.
    We relive the pain again and blame this trespasser for trying to play with our emotions which we had long kept under lock and key.
    Members, do you also face situations where hiding the secrets and pain becomes necessary? How do you react if someone ties to find the key to your emotions without your permission?
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    Very nice posting. It is true many of us will try to keep our emotions and pains within ourselves in a view not make others feel sad for us. Even it may go up to such an extent these hidden feelings will tell upon our health also. Even then some people never come out. But if it goes beyond our control we will erupt like a volcano which will create problems for us as well as another party also. Sometimes we may go to an extent of damaging the relations also. This level what we may call us as a threshold level will vary from person to person. As such we should go harass people beyond a certain limit. Even rubber will have a limit for its elasticity. Many people say not to hide emotions and pains. Because it will spoil the health also. It is better if you share your pain with somebody so that it will come down. Certain happenings in our life will create emotions and pains to us but we can't express those pains and we bear with that. But it will not go out of our mind. Some of the pains or emotions I had during my childhood days and younger days are stilling remain in my thoughts and when I recollect those happenings I feel like a wounded soldier. But still, I won't come out openly because of my responsibilities and needs. I don't know how long I can?
    always confident

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    By experience and exposure to practical life, we condition ourselves to hide our emotions . However when we get a sympathetic person with whom we can confide, the pent-up emotions gush out as if the dam is breached.
    There are certain persons to whom we can confide. Probably spouse is one person with whom we are more open. Parents, siblings, intimate friend etc are also persons whom we can share or confide with our emotions, but in selective matters, applying some filters.

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    Wow what a nice heading and wonderful content connecting with every ones life. Yes during course of our journey in life from childhood to the elder stage, lots of emotions and trying times are experienced and if we keep on rewinding and remembering them, it will further spoil our health and nothing going to happen. Instead we must come out of the situation and face the new challenge with great guts and integrity. Even those who gave problems to us during past will also get astonished over our changed life and they also try to compromise and send feelers to have new relations with you a fresh.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good thread linking lock and key with emotions that all humans have. It's amazing how human minds think and react, I have seen people in my own family who will smile cautiously when there is a happy occasion or a joyful event happening, the reason is they are concerned that the moment may pass too soon or be followed by sadness as being overjoyed or contented attracts the bad eye of people.Most of us would be happy to share our joy and happy moments with others but hurt, sorrow, unfulfilled ambitions, unresolved issues in relationships are not locked within the minds rather than letting it out. I think this is the main reason for issues within families, couples and friends to escalate to an extent that the relationship is broken.Many times as adults we cannot let others see our suffering, for example, a father who loses his job or suffers a financial crisis, he would not let his children be aware of it.he would put a brave face and carry on.At times when life becomes difficult, then a companion or a counsellor or a true friend finds the way to unlock these pent-up emotions to help us in the long run.

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    The author has raised a very good thread. She has advised us the keep the pent-up emotion under lock and key. Knowledgeable elders also advise us the same thing. But nowadays the psychologists opine that there must be some way to bring out the pent-up emotions, otherwise these emotions would cause serious mental problem.

    So, whom should we follow-the elders or the psychologists?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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