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    Instead of more locks and more keys, just have one lock and more keys.

    In a house when every one is either working or studying, which makes them to leave at varied timings and also return back at different timings. I have seen that every room has to be securely locked , and then the main door has to be locked and finally the gate has to be locked after every one goes out. Invariably every one should have a bunch of duplicate keys to open the same when they happen to return at different timings. Instead of that, they lock the inside doors and keep the key at a secret place known to the family members and just they have to lock the main door with the door lock and the gate with normal lock and for that one lock is enough but several duplicate keys to be kept safely by members each of them. Then only anyone can go and come at any time to the home.

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    The author is right. I used to our house entrance and main door key with me always separately as my retuning time varies. It is good for the house persons also as they need not disturb others when came laye or needless to wait ay the entrance till key holding person comes.

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    It is true. We should have a single lock and more keys. When the members go out they have to carry their keys with them and then they can return to the house as per their timings and there will not be any dependence on others. When we were in Vizag for our studies we were 2 brothers, 3 sisters and my aunt we were staying together. we all were going out and we don't know who will go when and who will come back at what time. So we all used to have our own keys for the lock. Another point is my aunt used to cook the food. All of us coming as for or timings, eating and going back. We were no means of knowing how many of us ate by the time the individual comes for lunch and how many are still to eat. For this what we used to do was, Write the names of us on a paper and keep on the board and tick our name after we eat. By seeing this paper we used to understand how many were yet to eat and accordingly we used to consume the dal and curry.
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    This is followed by many houses that I know of and even in apartments. There would be working couples, children going and coming early, another adult studying at college etc. All cannot carry all the keys, The main door or a latch key will be the one that is carried by all, this of course would be a secure good quality lock. The other rooms where cash and jewels would be kept would be locked and the key placed in a place known to all. If the kitchen has a back door to enter from, often that would be locked. Some of them give one spare key that is kept in the house of the family member who lives close by, so that in case of a loss, or when they go out of station, they can easily get that key.

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    It is safe to have two or more keys for a single lock. There is a better understanding in a family ,as each one has their own routines and timings. Some people work on shifts, and for them to come late at night would be disturbing other membersat home. There are elders in the family who do not wish to be disturbed sometimes their health conditions may not allow them to wait for other members.
    Nowadays it is a trend among youngsters to share rooms or apartment, it is a great benefit to have different keys,so that each one is independent in their own way.

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    Some people have suffered losses by theft as they used to keep the house keys at the same place everyday. The clever thieves know about this and do their job easily.
    In apartment complexes, people sometimes entrust keys to the watchman also. There is also a practice to give a key to the neighbours and/or to the trusted maid .

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