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    Do the investors carried away with the show put up by government or they really mean business ?

    We all know that tomorrow Hyderabad is hosting a very big International event called : Global Economic Summit " for which Investors from all over the world are going to descend in Hyderabad and deliberate the chances of investing in Telangana in particular and India in general. For this meet the government has created huge arrangement. They have removed road side shops, no beggars, all roads are re laid, all foot paths are re painted, all flyovers are painted with graphics and all traffic islands have turned into mini park. Will the investors attract to such show off or they are really interested in what the government offers as sops to them to invest in respective states ?
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    It may no lead to business decisions.But such tings can create some first impressions.

    Investors need the assurance of god return for their money. They will expect speedy processing and proceedings in all related matters. They may expect various preferences, concessions and special treatments. All other things put up for show and publicity will enable catchy colourful visuals for TV channels good covers pages and glossy pictures in print media .

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    Luring investors is the mantra for a successful business. Everyone does it. This time Govt is doing it.

    I remember long back during 1990 - 2000 many finance companies mushroomed in India and were offering 5-6% more interest than the banks and to lure the investors they were giving one good steel utensil in addition if you invest in them. Many many people invested in those companies some of which were supposed to be very reputed at that time, though I do not want to specifically name them, but today those companies are almost all closed and in some cases their assets in form of office buildings are ceased by Govt and under auction and may be a few of the investors may get a small part of their money back.

    So for conducting any business luring is essential otherwise investors will not come. What will happen in future that only time will tell.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When very big entrepreneurs are coming to a summit, they should be of a positive mind to the summit. When they get down from their flights that too after a hectic journey, they should have a smooth travel to their staying places and from there to the venue. If they travel on a good road within a decent time and while travelling if they have a pleasant atmosphere and best looks they will join the summit with a positive bent of mind. This is only to make our place pleasant to them and if at all they want to invest, they will keep our country also in the shortlisted destinations. The decision of investing in a particular project will be decided on the basis of the financial calculations they do and the bottom line. They will also consider the place based on the manpower cost. Worldwide it is known that in labour and overheads are less when compared to other parts of the globe. If financials are favourable, it will be an added advantage to them that the overheads are less. This will give them a chance for higher earnings. If they feel that the infrastructure is good and their time in that venue whenever they come to this place to have an audit of their works, will be pleasant, they will be tempted to invest here. This is in this backdrop they do all these beautifications and eye-catching works.
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    Such summits are like marketing launch of a new product. It gives a platform for the industries to showcase their products and at such events the whole package and the experience matters a lot. The investors know about begging in India, they know about the traffic congestion and the infrastructure. But all this effort tells them that we are committed and a good image is conveyed. These investors will be wary initially, once they know that decent returns can be got on their investments, they'll come in, if they do not get it,they will move on. The truth is we need these foreign investment to enhance our global image and get the growth rate and economy going. I only hope that like the MNCs hijacking the sectors they enter, these players too should not dislodge existing industries.

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