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    Do you agree freedom of speech & expression are fundamental rights; there should be no Ifs and Buts?

    What do you really consider as freedom of speech & expression? In what sense can these be considered as fundamental rights?

    According to our constitution, freedom of speech and expression are fundamental rights. Some people argue that it should not hurt others; then why the word freedom is used? Unless and until you physical hurt somebody with whatever you spoke or wrote, even it hurts others that should be legal.

    Do you agree that the freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental right and there should be no Ifs and Buts? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    After reading this thread, the great proverb in Tamil flashed into my mind and it says " Theeinaal Sutta punn arumay, Aradhey Naavinaal sutta vadu " that means when we get hurt from the fire, the wound shall heal in passage of time, but when we abuse some one , they remember the same for life time even when they pardon us. So keeping in mind what the proverb said, I think in the name of freedom of speech, no one should cross the limit and talk anything against hurting religious sentiments, names of any person, abusing on looks, caste , creed or religion. That is why fundamental rights are guarded with ifs and buts.
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    Why the word Freedom is used and its simple speech and simple expression? For example, If I say I don't like reservations that are targeted to Particular religions and castes does it mean that I am abusing.
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    Freedom of speech is a fundamental right. I agree and there is no doubt about it. But as you have freedom of speech, you can't go scold a person by name and the way you wanted. The freedom will also have some limits. As long as you are not biting into the rights of others, you will not be questioned. But the moment you go out of the way in the guise of freedom of speech, you will not be allowed. Even though it is your own thatched house, you don't have right to deliberately put it on fire. This will affect the neighbouring houses and they may also catch fire. Hence every right is having some limits. You have freedom of dressing so you can't Rome around without any dress. Actually, the full text of fundamental rights written in our constitution should be known to all of us before discussing this type of subjects, I feel.
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    Freedom of speech is not absolute anywhere in the world. It is subject to various limitations. And the ruling class or the decision-makers determine the limitations for others to follow. This is the unwritten rule everywhere, not only in countries, but also in organisations.
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    Freedom of speech and freedom of expression at not doubt fundamental rights but these should be used with commonsense within the legal binding of the land and with the interests of the nation in mind. Our Indian history is littered with examples of people who have died unnecessarily trying to exercise this right without knowing the consequences. Say for instance one wants to hold book reading session to enlighten people about the virtues of a Hindu God, he has every right to do it loudly in front of a Mosque or vice versa. But a person with commonsense who has regard for the nation's interest will soon realize that it would be a potential issue which can instigate two communities, dent religious harmony and can hurt peoples lives and livelihood. Here is where the responsibility lies on each of us as moral citizens of India. Express your rights but keep the interest of the country at large. If we have to exercise the same rights against corruption, institutional apathy please do but do it with your personal safety in mind. Involve people who can at least help you legally and lawfully; its not foolproof but at least better than being hotheaded about expressing one's right to freedom of speech or action.

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