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    To sacrifice or not to sacrifice

    What do you understand by the concept of sacrifice? Explain and analyze this concept with fellow members.

    Sacrifice means to give up something in order to achieve something. We have often heard parents say to children,"We have sacrificed for you." Why should others sacrifice for you? I feel that in order to achieve something, a person should be responsible for his own deeds. Sacrificing friends, movies, outing etc are some sacrifices that some people give in order to achieve something. Working hard all the time and neglecting oneself is what is considered to be sacrifice.
    Also we have heard that mothers are the ones who are the most sacrificing.

    My opinion is that one must sacrifice certain things in order to achieve something. Giving up a small term pleasure for a long term gain can be a good sacrifice.
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    Yes, If we sacrifice things with our family and friends then it will give good return in future, If our nature is selfish type then its difficult to sacrifice. There are many ways of sacrifice things in life some can be good and some can be painful.
    If you are traveling to do job work then it means you are away from family but you are sacrificing your time on work to earn money and making your family future bright. It's really painful too. If you are missing your loving person then its painful.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    In order to achieve high in our life , we tend to work hard and thus forgoing the regular enjoyment, relations with family and also loosing time spending with best friends. I have seen some people even working from home on Sundays and thus they are not only sacrificing the best moments of life but also putting their health to further risk. Our body and mind should not always work and it needs a break or rest for a while. Even if that time is also cancelled and if we kept on working means getting grey hair at young age is assured and every would brand us that money earner even at the cost of compromising family's time. But again if one was to prove better than others, he has to be one step ahead in every sphere. There is a saying in Hindi that " Kuch paana hai tho kuch kona hai " and that is very apt in many of our lives.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We don't need to sacrifice. We need to plan.
    There was this Titan advertisement that I absolutely loved, a woman stands up and gives a toast, she says "my mom never took me to school. Never did my project work. Never stayed up late for me. You must be thinking 'what kind of mother she is', she's the world's best mom. She pursued her dreams instead of sacrificing everything for me. I love my mom and respect her."
    Sacrificing for someone is meaningless if they are going to desert you in future.
    We all love our parents. But do we respect them? No, do you truly respect them?
    You should always take care that you get what you want though you sacrifice some.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I think the word sacrifice is misused many times in this context. It's too big tag to be given to small meaningless events that are unworthy to be called as a sacrifice. For instance, the soldier sacrificed his life for the sake of his country means a lot when compared to I sacrificed going to movies to study for exams.

    We should use the terms appropriately, mothers sacrifice their careers to stay at home to become housewives, people sacrifice worldly pleasures and luxuries to answer the Call of Almighty. During childbirth, there are instances wherein to save the baby the mother sacrifices her life. These are honourable deeds that are worthy to be called as a sacrifice.

    Other deeds in my view are just acts of barter (exchange something for something else), to pass the exam, we study hard, to educate our children,we work hard, to meet emergency demands, we save money, these are things in life that most of us do and such acts although good are too meagre to be called a sacrifice.

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    The term Sacrifice is a very great term. We should not bring down the value of that word by using it for small issues.A parent is taking care of their children is a part of their responsibility. So I don't agree that I have sacrificed my life for the sake of my children. As a father, it is my responsibility to bring them up and making them good citizens of the country. Similarly taking care of old parents also is not a sacrifice. It is your responsibility again. They have taken care of you and made you a good citizen of the country. When they become old they require your help and as their child, it is your responsibility to take care of them.

    A sacrifice is a very big word which is to be used very aptly. Rama sacrificed his kingdom to his brother to keep up the word given by his father to one of his three wives. Duryodhana sacrificed and donated a part of his kingdom to Karna. Of course, he has done it with a selfish motto. I am in two minds, whether we can call it a sacrifice. Bhishma sacrificed his life to keep up the word given by his father to his wife.

    always confident

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