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    When its time to move on in a relationship or have a change

    Should you cling on to bad relationships which affect your life adversely? Or should you let go and move on? Share your views here.

    In this thread I am not talking about relationship like marriage, but relationships in general during school and college life.

    In this advance and modern age lifestyles, thinking and relationships all have changed and to a certain extent we can't compare it to the time of old age. Relationships in old times were long-lasting with true attachment; there were some exceptions at that time too but till most of those bond were strong.

    But today what we see there is no stability in the relationship status of people; they either keep changing within very short span of time or they make a person so pathetic and vulnerable that these people are ready to pay any price to cling on to those relationships, they are even ready to pay through their life. And most bad part is that these things are more evident and seen during school and college life where students get indulgent in these things and end up making their life pathetic and grades lower and lower.

    No one says these things are bad but for this thing, forgetting all your other relationships with your parents, family, and friends is not good. The bond which disconnects you from all other sacred bonds of your life is not a true bond; its just a boundary, a limit or a chain attached to you which will always push and pull you but never let you walk and have a stable life.
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    Rightly said by the author. The relations which we expect are not forth coming and we see many amidst us who come as the fly by night friends with whom we need not share our personal things nor plan for close moves. Gone are the days when friends used to meet regularly, introduce to others friends and thus a group has been created which met regularly and personally and the bond was increasing with perfect strong mode. Now if you can able to spend money, you are considered as best friend and as soon as money spending capacity is over, then every one shall desert you and soon you will become loner. What is the use of such friendship who thrives on our earnings and our spending. Instead we can visit the old age homes or children night shelter where in some good children who have left the homes for various reasons are yearning for a solace and help and by feeding them surely one will get immense satisfaction.
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    I am in a slight disagreement with you. In ancient times people never spoke much. They measured their words and preoccupied themselves with their jobs. Leisure was invented by nobles of the middle ages who spoke very much and spoke with beauty. The language was very refined and the lifestyle was awe-inspiring. But in modern age, when man is conversing a whole lot, he is not really talking sense. Our language is horrendous. Our lifestyle is cringeworthy.

    A wise man once said," best way to make enemies is by talking". The more you talk the more you reveal. You give out your weakness and your partner in relationship cannot stand your weakness.
    This causes either a sense of pity or hatred in a relationship instead of love.
    How to sustain a relation then? Talk only when necessary.
    In olden times, relations weren't strong. They just hid their weaknesses very well by talking less.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    As teenagers and young adults, we have a rebellious streak and a desire to explore the aspects of life what we knew about but didn't get a chance. The relationships at home often go against this but the bonds we form with friends and classmates outside are inviting, instead of questioning us, they join us on this exciting journey to taste life. Unfortunately, some get sidetracked into paying too much attention to these activities, desires, views and bonds pushing education and family to the backseat. In the beginning, it becomes a simple habit of inventing small lies to find time and money to funds these relationships, then by the time, we realise the damage is already done and people end up being a son or a daughter that the family can never understand. Luckily such events are far and few, most of us cultivate these relationships to the level it deserves and then balances our studies and family commitments well. I think it is the balance which we can strike that is more important rather than shunning these relationships completely.

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    Humans are bonded or disjointed with each other by good or bad relations. Everyone wants to have relations with others. It could be family, friends, colleagues or relatives. Basically relations are for joyful life but when they turn sour the life also becomes bitter and either the relations are to be improved or new relations are to be searched.

    Interesting thing to note is that in any relation the two persons will not be having a complete harmony. There will be some element of competition, jealousy, financial matters or other complexes which will slowly bring points of contention between them. If both are ready to sacrifice for each other and are not selfish when it comes to matter of common interest then only relationship can prolong. This is an ideal condition and not common in practical life.

    So most of the times searching new relationships is the only alternative.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Relationships are very important for anyone. We should maintain good relations with our relatives and friends. We require good people to help us when we need similarly we should help them when they are in need. But these relationships can't become hindrances to our growth and progress We have our life, we have our family and we should have to discharge our duties well and should see that our family is doing well. So we should understand the importance of relationships and limitations also. In the name of having a relationship with somebody, we should not forget our principles. That is why we should be very selective in making friends with people. We should select those people who will be on the same wavelength of us. Then we can maintain good relationships with them.
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