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    If Government wants people to quit smoking, it must give extra leave for Non -smokers !

    Every time when the budget is announced , the main target would be to punish the smokers with extra tax and that has been happening since years but the smokers wont mend their ways and new brands have come up in the market with less price. If the government was serious enough then it can implement extra paid leaves for those who completely quit smoking. It has been invariably observed that most of the employees are taking time out for smoking and the non smokers have to wait for their presence to complete the pending work. So if extra leaves were given as compensation even smokers would quit the smoking. Any takers ?
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    Mr. Mohan: No Government can discriminate people on the basis of their eating, drinking and smoking habits. Furthermore, for arguments' sake, have you calculated how much tax do you have to pay if all the smokers stop smoking overnight?
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    This concept sounds good. Piala, A Japanese online firm in Tokyo started giving 6 extra holidays in one year for non-smokers. This is to compensate for the time taken for a smoker to smoke and come back to work. I think, they cannot punish an employee for smoking, so they are rewards the non-smokers. Such things, in my view just make headlines but actually doesn't help much in the long run, I', seeing smoking and alcohol ads as long as I can remember and protests against it. We have to accept the fact that we cannot change as it's an individual choice and many lives depend on these industries including the tax chest of the Government. If and only if the individual person starts cutting down then we can see a change.

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    A smoker will not be benefitted and enjoy his/her smoking by sitting at home on leave. They choose their work places to smoke happily and freely. Most people smoke in their work places as smoking stimulates and provides energy and strength to work. People smoke to be awake. At home, they will be under their wife and children who will not permit the guy to smoke. So leave won't help the smokers.
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