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    Lock and key- a perfect Jodi

    Mr. Door Gates, the king of Furnituria, was looking for a lock, with whom his only son, golden key can get married. Golden key, unlike his father was a very humble, nature loving man. He was a paradigm of beauty. Every inch of his body was carved, he was tall, with gems studded at his rear end. Every lock's dream.
    On day, golden key got lost in the forest of sawdust while he was hiking. The fearless cutting pliers were lurking in that forest. In order to escape them, key climbed a tree. To his pleasant surprise, on the same branch there was a lock. She was a brass lock. Nothing really exceptional about her. She was robust, fat and she smelled like metal. Even key's goodness was defeated by her ugliness. He tried to avoid her. Cutting pliers! They have spotted the duo and are waiting patiently under the tree. Lock was heavy and her side of the branch was breaking. If key didn't help, she would end up into the jaws of pliers. Key caught her by his metal rings and pulled her towards him.
    "You could have let me.I don't wanna die but living is meaningless. I'm so fat and ugly. Nobody loves me", the lock started crying now. Key tried to comfort her with few jokes and acts. That was when key realised, her expressions, were so angelic. Those expressions were the closest thing to the nature. He felt a thing for her. Pliers went away after waiting for hours. Duo got down. "Would you like to go fishing with me?" The key asked. But lock understood what key meant. After spending that whole evening with the lock, key started seeing her everyday.
    Feelings became concrete and the duo became inseparable.

    "What do you mean when you say you've found a lock for yourself?" The door is now furious when key confessed about his love. "You shall not marry a commoner. Future of Furnituria lies within you." Key's pleas were unheard.

    He hatched a plan. He painted the lock in gold color and took her to his father.
    The door gates fell for the deception and marriage was fixed. During the ceremony, rain starts to pour and the lock's color went away. She was instantly captured by the guards.
    Key answered," Father. I'm ashamed of my deception. But love makes me crazy. I know a way through which I could prove you that lock is the best daughter in law you can get. A woman's trump card is her patience. Bring in the hottest peppers in Furnituria. "
    Door understood the challenge. His son has made a valid point. Noble locks were selected on basis of how much impact they can handle.
    Brass lock effortlessly ate the scalding peppers of Furnituria. This wasn't enough for Door though. Lock was subjected to beating by sledge hammers which were brought from the icy northern lands.
    Lock withstood every impact test and proved her nobility lies in her heart. Her robustness which she thought hindered her from getting loved is now getting her love to her.

    Soon, key was crowned the king and lock became the queen.
    Citizens of Furnituria both envied their love and inspired by it.
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    A differently out of box narration from author connecting to the tow topic. But it is a fact and that should be agreed by all that lock and key are perfect match and cannot be separated.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A long and winding way through the forests and wood and peppery spice to match the lock and key to the thread. Interesting.

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    Interesting story and a different concept and pattern for the TOW contest.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    A novel way to approach a TOW contest.A fantasy fairy tale that has adventure, danger a good ending and a message.I think Aditya has highlighted eloquently the importance given by families to looks and outer beauty during matchmaking when the hearts look and find true love. It's true love that withstands the tests of life rather than outer beauty that fades with time like the gold covering on the lock. A good effort at story telling!

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    A good post. The way of telling is something different and unique. The importance of understanding each other and the love for the inner beauty than the appearance is described in a better way and to the author my appreciations for his special approach in presenting the thread. Good effort. Deserve appreciation.
    always confident

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