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    Couples should complement each other like a lock and key fit

    [This thread wins a special prize for the topic-based TOW of November 2017]

    Any particular lock can only be opened by its key made of right configuration. Inside lock one can see there are series of pins and only when these pins get lifted with the key of right configuration then the lock seems to get opened. Imagine using different keys for the same lock. Some may be so small or thin that they may not be able to reach till the inner portion of the lock. Some may be so large and thick that they may get stuck in the key hole. Some may to too big to enter the key hole. Each key is meant for one and only one particular lock.

    Likewise there is a person meant for each one of us with whom we can have a lock and key fit. When we discover such lock and key fit relationship with each other, we will complement each other and help each other to unlock and grow together. Relationship that we build with them will then flourish with full bloom. On the other hand, misfits can only bring misery in life and this is true in all sorts of relationships, especially seen in case of couples, irrespective of whether they are married or unmarried. Randomly choosing someone as life partner based on their looks, education or earnings is in no way going to help us find a lock and key fit to our heart. We need a healer in terms of life partner with whom we can unlock ourselves, completely open up and share our true feelings. There is no point in rushing relationships to the next level or getting married by randomly picking someone. If done then consequently it may lead to break ups, divorce, relationship related stress and tension, conflicts etc. Even if couple decides to stay together for some reason then they will be stuck with each other like a misfit. Find your true love by discovering your relationship with them to be just like a lock and key fit.

    This is my entry for TOW contest of the week- Lock and key.
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    A very nice post. The life partners should be like lock and key. A key is unique to the lock. Similarly, a lock can open with only one key. Such is the bond between these two. Like that, if the wife and husband are unique to each other, they will have a very good understanding of each other and will have a better life. so Partners should complement each other and they should be unique to each other.
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    This is really a cute thread. Lock and key mechanism is the best mechanism to be followed in a relationship. One should be understanding and supportive of each other. To understand the said and also the unsaid words is something that forms great bonding among partners.
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    Nice thoughts emanating from the author and the observation that give and take policy between the couples would pave way for peaceful and happy life. Good notion and I agree with it.
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    Good under standing partners should always be like a custom made unique lock and key as idealised by the author. If we ask the same to a tailor, he will joke that they should be like scissors and cloth.

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    Blessed are those relationships wherein the husband and wife are a matching key and lock. Often there will be a few issues with the fit or the way the lock works but nothing that cannot be solved. The couple should be able to understand each other and live in harmony. In reality, the best combination fit can happen in love marriages, whereas in the arranged marriages, getting the perfect fit would be difficult.

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