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    Wedding season is in the air

    I thought of writing this post because I have been observing this is the peak time for weddings. In Punjabi they say "Wedding da season hai". The season of the party and getting dress up in beautiful colorful and traditional clothes. It is a relaxation and fun time for the people in Metro cities, where there is complete silence all around, and people are occupied with their hectic daily schedules.
    The different functions to attend like "Mehndi" etc.. if you belong to the family of the bride. Then there is the tradition of 'Haldi rasam' for both bride and grooms end. Different types of customs to be followed even on the day of the wedding. It is a complete enjoyment time for people who just come like the audience to give their best wishes to the couple. If you are also enjoying your friends or your relative's wedding, what is your experience? Do share here.
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    It is marriage season here also. After 30th of November 2017, almost for more than 45 days, there are no auspicious times to perform marriages. So before that many people are conducting the marriages, house warming functions and other functions. The city is witnessing more than a lakh marriages this season. All function halls are booked and full. Many people from other places are coming to the city. All the routes are busy. All buses and trains are fully occupied. This is a special season for all.
    I received many invitations but due to some important works, I have attended only 5 marriages so far within the city.
    Many employees are also taking leaves for attending marriages and spending time with families and attending the functions.

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    Marriage was and is a very auspicious and important event. Apart from a very significant occasion in a person's life,it has familial and social relevance too. It is an occasion for far away relatives and friends to converge for a reunion and reconnect. After the celebration of birthday, it is wedding day celebration that gets the next priority. That shows how prime it is in our life.
    New connections and relationships also emerge from a marriage occasion. Sometimes such introductions or familiarisation help to lead into another marriage event also.
    It is always a bliss to see the jubilant and vibrant newlywed, and elders who attend the marriage sincerely wish the couple long and happy married life. Those who are unmarried and in the marriageable age nourish dreams and fancy about their wedding also.

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    Yes it is the wedding season and even in Hyderabad every home is flooding with wedding invitations either held in the city or far off. One of my friend received 20 invitations in this month so far and he could not make it all the weddings. But he did send a flower greetings and best wishes to those couples to which he could go personally and wish them. As most of the halls are already booked, people are preferring school and college grounds on rent to complete the weddings on same muhurat. More over three days now are most auspicious and many pregnant women who are about to deliver wants baby in these days , because the horoscope would be nice.
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    Weddings are always a joyous occasion for everyone involved right from the match-matches to the families on both sides, relatives, people who make the hall and food arrangements all of them have a wonderful time in making the wedding a unique experience altogether. In South India, the wedding cards are first offered to God, corners smeared with turmeric, then there is the mega shopping experience, the wedding rituals, visits to temple all of which make the wedding an unforgetful experience. Now there is a trend for lavish weddings which have huge sets, many varieties of food and huge auditoriums and fanfare that is a little overboard and attracts criticism.

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    I too have few weddings of relatives and friends in the coming month. December first of all is a very happening month with Christmas and New years eve. On top of that weddings and other parties will add to it. A month to enjoy and ofcourse to dress up.
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    In India, most of the marriages are held during winter, i.e., during the period November to February. So, we can say that wedding season has arrived. But this year, most probably there are not many suitable dates for marriage in the month of November (in various regional calendars). So, I have seen only very few marriages in November. The dates will come from December onwards. My first marriage invitation is on 9th December.
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    Yes, you are right Mr. Partha, a maximum number of marriages happen in the month of November and December, mainly in winters. I think this is the best suited season for these events.
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