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    The Supreme Court turns down the request of ban on the film "Padmavati".

    The Supreme Court today turned down a petition seeking a ban on the film Padmavati. There is an uproar that history is distorted by the producer of the film Padmavati. The Supreme Court also commented that persons holding public office should not comment on such issues. The Central Board of Film Certification is the authority to decide on the issue and the matter is pending before it. The Supreme Court observed that comments on it by the Chief Ministers will prejudice the decision of CBFC. The decision of allowing the film for screening now rests with the CBFC.
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    What is the issue with this film?
    In what way History is distorted?
    I heard that some Psychopaths are issuing death threats to the Actors.

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    It is good that Supreme court has given full powers to CBFC. So they can watch the movie and decided on the certification. There is no doubt that the film will get certification. But is it going to be many cuts or as it is? This is to be seen.
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    The film Padmavati ran into troubles even before the shooting of the film is completed.The Karni Sena members attacked the film unit in Jaipur claiming that the film is depicting romance scenes between Padmavati and Khilji and it hurts the religious feelings of Rajputs. The film director issued a statement that no such scenes are in the film.

    No one has seen the film so far. It is before the CBFC for certification. Meanwhile, some Chief Ministers issued statements that the film will be banned from screening in their respective States as they do not want any problem. Some people issued threats and annonced publicly bounty for the producer and heroin. The Supreme Court turned down the petition for a ban on the film.

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    Although the Supreme court has refused to slap a ban on this fictional movie, in all probability this movie will face stiff resistance in Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and in some other states. I don't know whether Mr. Bhansali will manage to make this hundred crore project a success, or not.

    Let us see.

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    The Apex court has directed CBFC to look into it and now the ball is in the court of CBFC to take a call on the observations raised by some people. There should be a bench mark or a demarcation line drawn between fiction and the sentiments of the people. Creativity should not take its madness to ride and it would be definitely intolerable, if the allegations are true that Khilji dreams of romance with Padmavati as someone was making his point in a Panel discussion in a channel. The sentiments of any section should be respected and such fictional ideas should not be allowed to hurt their self respect and sentiments. When the picture was first shot in the olden times in 1960 and a TV serial was telecasted a couple of years ago without any problem, I fail to understand as to why the crew of the present Padmavati team made the issue themselves by landing into controversies.

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    I want to know whether the Judiciary and the judges have been shown the movie before arriving at their judgement. This information would pave way for further discussion.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In a democratic country like India,it is important that the right to freedom of speech and expression is not curtailed.But that does'nt give anybody the right to knowingly or unknowingly hurt the sentiments of the people.When queen 'Padmavati' is looked up to as a godess figure by the people of the Rajput sect,I'm sure they won't be able to take the distorted portrayal of the history of their queen.

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    The protests did a favour to the producer by providing free publicity. The film may face problems in few places but it will be a huge success in all other places in India and the places where it will be released around the world. The producer may end up making a huge profit out of the controversy it created.
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    The Supreme Court has been very fair, it has made it clear that it is the duty of the censor board to say whether the film is suitable or not to be screened in public.I am glad the SC has commented on people in public offices making inappropriate comments that can directly or indirectly affect the peace and normal life of people concerned. I'm sure this issue will drag along and it will be a question of who will blink first in the showdown of not to screen vs not to ban. Apart from the makers getting their money back (around 190 -200 crore is the estimated movie budget), we should also take into account the cost of the protests and the petitions. What a waste of Sc's time and resources.

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    I fully agree with your views. The film is going to be a big success making the producers rich. By polarizing people,BJP also can take advantage in the Gujarat Assembly poll.

    Win-Win situation for all the stake holders!

    Poor public destined to fight and kill each other in the name of religion/cast/creed!

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    The Hon'ble Supreme Court has stated what everybody knows. But when the CBFC takes any decision which is not compatible with the unwritten agenda of liberal-minded people, they start protesting against the CBFC. Most of us remember the continuous protest against CBFC on one issue after another during last three years or so.
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    The film Padmavati will definitely be released without cuts or with cuts. Whatever it may be, the film will be a huge success. The producer of the film should be thankful for the controversy and the free publicity it got.
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