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    "Happy news for the internet users."

    The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has issued its recommendations in favour of net neutrality. The members of this forum might be aware of the fight for net neutrality about two years back. Some of the Internet Service Providers advocated for differential treatment for different websites. They wanted to introduce free internet to a select few websites and others to be charged at different rates. Airtel and Facebook tried to implement it. The objections from the netizens community stopped their plans.

    The TRAI made it clear that net neutrality must be maintained by the ISP. They should not resort to malpractices like regulating the speeds for some of the websites. In view of the proposed changes in the USA regarding net neutrality, it is feared that we may also lose it. Happy that TRAI stood by net neutrality.
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    It is very good to note that TRAI recommended for net neutrality. In between some service providers want to act smart by telling differential treatment to different sites. It was told that only some website are available free and for other sites, the charge is to be paid. Now TRAI has recommended for the neutrality of net. So it is a good news for all internet users.
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    The ignorance of cell phone users were widely used by the telephone operators and thus different rumours made rounds in social media regarding net neutrality. Good that the matter end here.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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