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    Who has created the logo of IndiaStudyChannel?

    I'm pursuing Graphics Design and I love to know about creators of logos. For example, Clean India Campaign (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan) logo suggested by Shri Anant Khasbardar and tagline one step towards clean India is suggested by Ms. Bhagyashri Sheth in the contest. They had won the contest of logo design and tagline. Both will be awarded with a cash prize and felicitated by our prime minister Narendra Modi.

    The logo of IndiaStudyChannel is actually an abstract logo because It does not show that it is an education website like, for example the logo of Pepsi which is also an abstract logo. In the small circle of ISC logo, there are many things we can see, such as combination of colors gray and orange, tint, shade, birds are flying and God give blessings to their devotees. Unique idea and creativity used to design the logo of ISC.
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    Our webmasters namely Tony, Jose and Timmy are well qualified to design anything and there cannot be outside help in designing the lay out and log of this great site. The colour pattern, the flying of birds and a gurkul type of set up under a tree where a saint seen as the teacher. And if you watch it closely , you will find dawn to dusk lighting in the gif image. .For any organisation, the name and logo along with tag line of the company matters and that is very much perfect in Indian Study Channel.
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    It is true. The logo is very attractive and informative. The uniqueness of the logo deserves appreciation. I am not sure who has created the logo but it is a very good indication of various activities in the channel. Most probably Mohan may be correct. Our webmasters only might have designed this. I like the logo and the bottom line of the logo very much. A good creative mind only can design a logo like this.
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    The logo does not depict God giving blessings to devotees. It represents the Guru-shisya (teacher-student) tradition of India. The sun rising and setting indicates that ISC is open 24x7 and is evolving in the round globe. The birds and tree are part of the forest area where students studied in traditional ashrams (the Gurukuls.) We can look at it this way too - We fly around freely in various sections and take shelter in the shade of the ISC tree.

    ISC is like a Gurukul - all members are learners as well as teachers, imbibing knowledge and dispensing it, too. Thus, contrary to what you state, the logo very much represents ISC as an education website and is not really abstract in the literal sense of the term (meaning vague) though it may be so in the design conceptualization terminology. It is a beautiful logo, very apt for this site. I hope it is never changed.

    I will enquire from the Webmasters about the creator of the ISC logo.

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    The logo was created by a professional designer based on our ideas. It represents the gurukul model of teaching and it very well reflects the "education" concept.
    Tony John
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    Although I didn't know who developed the logo (just now Mr. Tony John has informed us), I do remember that an interesting story contest was organised on the logo of ISC last year.
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    An unique logo befitting ISC. When I joined ISC in 2011,I was quite impressed by the design of the logo where the world revolves with sunrise and sunset, and a Guru teaching his disciplines round the clock. I raised many questions in my quizzes to make the members aware of the ISC logo. The creator is Tony brothers. The designer is known to Tony brothers only.
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    A truly apt logo that reflects the core values of the site and the Indian tradition, learning in Gurukul method.

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    Interesting thread which paved way to know in detail about the ISC logo. It is indeed an unique logo.
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    Nice to know about the significance of the logo of ISC. I did not notice it before. But just now I noticed this. Thanks to the author for raising this thread.
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