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    Shall we exert self control or compel God to put lock and key?

    [This thread is the first prize joint winner of the topic-based TOW of November 2017]

    We keep our homes,offices and other valuables under control for safety by closing and opening them under lock and key. There are different types of them and we have come to the stage of digital lock and key. It is really interesting that we enclose and hold small and simple things as chocolates to valuables like currency ,gold and diamonds that way. Entry and exit to them are well controlled.

    Now here is the wonder of God's creativity. Our body is precious for us. It has its entry points and exit points. Especially the mouth is used for entry and exit too-just like our front doors. Has God thought to provide lock and key for these entry and exit doors in our body? No. All his experience is that every creation of his, has its own self-control. They do not exceed the expected levels. It was with this experience and confidence that God created humans. And He thought that humans will have better control than all other creatures.

    Unfortunately what we see now? We exceed in everything. No control for input or outgo. This causes issues in health and safety to the invaluable body and mind. So now it seems that humans may need not just one, but many locks and keys for a healthy physical living and healthy social and community living.

    Otherwise God will be compelled to install a lock and key from his next version of human creation.

    ( Entry for TOW contest)
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    Nice rendition from the author. God is the creator of our body and soul. If he thought and want to have control over our ego, cunning attitude, and many things, he would have exercised the option of lock and key. But God wants us to learn from the life, learn from the past. If any mistakes noticed by us or pointed out by others, we must repent and correct ourselves. So he always gave every one of us big rope and he was waiting for us to realise the mistakes done earlier and seek pardon. But we wont budge and keep on adding mistakes and miss deeds to our kitty and thus one day he shall lock our life for ever.
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    A nice narration. I think you have reserved your award for this thread. An excellent way of expressing the importance of health and the need for control on inputs to the body so that we will have a healthy and happy life. The tongue is boneless and wants all types of tastes irrespective of their suitability to our body. The body should have a control over the tongue. Then only we can have a healthy life. My appreciations to the author for his innovative thread. Looking forward to much more such threads from the author.
    always confident

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    Wonderful thoughts sir. We have even let God down by not having self-control over our bodies and minds.What you mentioned in terms of a lock and key for the entry point, the mouth was in fact practised in early days. To control obesity, the simplest way was to lock the mouth. Wires were used to fix the upper and lower jaws so that only a little gap existed for liquids to going in and people lost weight.
    Failing to control our mouths, minds and desires have certainly led to disease, sadness and suffering that are easily avoidable. If we see the advice on foods for diabetic and cardiac patients, they have many restrictions, it's like already having a guarded entry.What we need is do is at least now realise our mistakes and take precautions to have a healthy mind and body.

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