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    Wedding can also me made this way. Helping four farmers who were debt ridden.

    For every one marriage has been their dream sequence and they want to plan as interesting as they can which may even involve huge money spending. For parents too being single son or single daughter they would pool all resources to perform marriage in grand scale and that should be a memorable one. But a couple in Telangana got married at the registration office and then called four debt ridden farmers and helped them with cash and thus their marriage has become the talk of the town without much extravaganza and ended with great social thought ?
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    A nice gesture by the couple. Indeed they will get more blessings from all the beneficiaries. So definitely they will have a very happy and pious married life. Really we should salute them for the thought they got and the way they have implemented. Generally, a lot of food will get wasted in marriage functions. When we see that wasted food we feel that the pains taken by the farmers in producing that food are going in vain. So helping them on the occasion of a marriage is a very apt gesture. Salutations to the pair. Recently I read somewhere in the newspaper a lady police officer married on duty very quickly calling the bridegroom there as she has not got her leave and she has to attend the duty. Registration is completed in half an hour and she left for her duty. When we hear such news really we feel that everybody should follow then and how much money will get saved and the same money if we distribute to the needy they will be happy through their life and they will remember them forever.
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    We have two thread of wedding, one focussing on the memorable wedding with many functions and festivities, the other a simple affair and the money to be spent given to poor farmers who are in trouble. Both are weddings but with a difference. Not all of us can be so humble like this couple and have the mindset to avoid all extravagant events and opt for a registered marriage just to help 4 farmer families. Hat's off to such people. Such noble gestures would certainly be appreciated by many people and respected even for their social commitment to help the poor.

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