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    We learn more from our failure rather than our success.

    We will be attempting many tasks in our day to day life. Once we attempt a task we will always aim for getting completed the work positively. When we succeed without much efforts from our side we will feel happy for the success. Further, we don't worry about that. The knowledge we acquired will be limited in such case. But if we are not able to get success in our attempts we will strive more and more. We will try to see what are the points we have to improve, where are the mistakes in our attempts and how to overcome those mistakes. In such attempts, we acquire more inputs about the subject and we will have the gain of additional knowledge in this attempt. So I always say we learn from our failure more than success. I like to know the views of learned members.
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    Success comes and goes, brings happiness and appreciation of people around us and we get used to it or rarely let success get into our heads. But failures are a totally different ball game, failures linger around to haunt us, people around us, except family and a few friends, slowly ignore us. Failures get stuck in our minds and can be depressing at times or embarrassing. Repeated failures can dent our confidence and make us start questioning ourselves. Hence failures profoundly influence us. But the good thing about failures is that we always analyze and learn from these in a way that we improve. Lessons learnt from failures are lessons learnt the hard way, we never forget it easily. As failures strike us, it also makes us more humble and more mature. Behind each success, often there would be a failure that becomes important lessons in life. Failures although unpleasant are great teachers of life.

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    Definitely yes. We learn more from our failures rather than from successes. I can give a current example from my own residence. My daughter scored 92 percent in one paper and 76 percent in another paper. She (along with me) has been busy to check her mistakes in the paper she scored less. The other paper, where she is more successful, has not been even opened. She has been trying to learn from her mistakes, i.e., failures.

    Another example. In the 1971 war, three Corps of India were involved in the eastern theatre of operations, i.e., in Bangladesh. Out of these three Corps, 4 Corps reached Dhaka from Agartala. 2 Corps from Krishnagar completed its assigned task. On the other hand, 33 Corps from Shiliguri was least successful due to various topographical and other reasons. Nowadays, in military colleges, maximum stress is being given on the operations of 33 Corps so that military commanders can learn from mistakes/failures.

    So we can conclusively say that we learn more from failures than from successes.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    On reading this post my thoughts went to my one of friend's father who is very strict business man and wont allow his children to compromise on anything. But his children were not that talented than him. When I asked him that whereas he has been instrumental in saving every rupee for the family, but the children are more careless and wont care for the business expansion or development, for which he used to say that " jab zindagi mein dakke kaana seekh jayenge, yeh sab dhandha bhi sahi karengay" that means when they start facing troubles in life, they would certainly concentrate and make the business right too. That was nice observation from him. Yes from failures only we learn the essence of life. That is why when a child falls down on the ground while he was learning to walk or ride the cycle for the first time , never lift him, let him learn the intricacies of pain and challenges.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Certainly. As the elders say, to make a tool out of ore, you need to melt and beat it.
    In order to achieve success, we have to go through a lot of failures. Sucess teaches us nothing. Once you attained success you're content. You won't strive for betterment anymore. Success is the most a man can achieve after all.
    But failure lets you know your incompetence. It shows you that you're not good enough. It is a measure of things wrong with you.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Failure can be converted to success only after learning from failure but you can again fail if you will not implement your learning again in right way. Failure terms are that nobody wants to be but its part of life we have to accept it and take it as our next challenge.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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