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    Indiastudychannel a boon to learners.

    I have joined this site in the year 2009. But because of my other priorities in my professional life, I couldn't continue. But again from last year December, I started my journey on this site. As I spend more and more time in this place I am getting enriched with more knowledge. I feel the site is a boon to the people who wanted really to learn more about various aspects of the society. When I go through the various articles on the site I feel that the efforts of the Editors in going through all these articles, advising the authors for the improvements and finally accepting it for publication. We should appreciate their patient and time. The creators of the site have done an immense service to the society by creating this educational site and my salutations to them. I feel all the members of the site will be in agreement with me and join me in appreciating the managers of the site.
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    I'm glad that you have posted this thread Dr.Rao. Yes, it's certainly a blessing in disguise to people who want to learn, exchange views, develop their English skills, contribute in the area of their expertise and above all the positive interactions we have between us is second to none. The admin team are excellent in encouraging members to contribute, holding contests, stimulate our creativity. I think there are many members like you and me who spend their spare time on this site productively. Our token of appreciation for the managing team of this great site will always be there.

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    Certainly there is no iota of doubt that this site is giving great platform to all in particular and new learners in general to show case their writing profess in front of world net users. For example my son was hesitating to join this site when I made a request long back. But on persistent instance, he did join and today he can write good poems on even tow topics and he is exploring new ways of content writing getting appreciation and applause from our esteemed members. For me too , when I was joined here, the members were limited and not so good threads were seen for responding and gradually when the new members started joining and sharing their wonderful thoughts, our webmaster Tony also made necessary developments to the site features and thus today we are all part of one of the greatest educational site across the globe.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Yes. ISC is very helpful. It is an useful tool in gaining information.
    Even forum posts nowadays are very good. You get to learn a lot of things. Article section and ask experts section were always good.
    But forum section was doing good few months ago. There were just generic topics circulating in forum from which we probably couldn't learn anything. So I didn't participate well for long. But now the forum posts are very good and people are being more creative and understanding now.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    ISC is a home like school where we have ample liberty and freedom to express our thoughts, give our opinion, give solution to problem, suggest things for improvement, all in English, and at times in our mother tongue in a more disciplined manner. This helps us to enhance our ability to handle English well. Really ISC is a boon to all.
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    In ISC, there are various articles on various topics. I regularly go through the vast resources. Information Updates is another very useful section, but unfortunately it is neglected by many Members. Ask Expert section and Job section are very important and help not only the regular Members, but also people in general. In Forum section, we exchange our opinion on various issues under strict monitoring of the Lead Editor of the section.
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    Yes, it's true that we can learn a lot from this website I also here since a long time but due to official tour and work not able to participate more.
    I am also concentrating on my blog and videos so that is also one reason to become inactive here because I am able to earn good money from videos on youtube.

    It's also a suggestion to ISC to make this site more practical instead of only contents writing because users do not have much time to read big articles but they can see a lot of things from on video.

    Same things are happening with our blogs also, Google ranking algorithm is in light of as per user demand, not our thinking and articles only.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Yes, exactly, this website is a boon to all the people who want to learn, write a lot, and even want to improve on it. Staying active and consistent here will enrich the writing skills and also we can learn a lot from the members here.
    So, its a complete knowledge portal for every one of us.

    Do what inspires you !!

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