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    The Supreme Court gave Hadia of Kerala, freedom from parental custody.

    The case of 25 years old Kerala woman Hadia was heard by the Supreme Court on 27-11-2017. The Supreme Court directed that Hadia be produced in the court to hear her. She informed the Court that she embraced Islam and married Shafin Jahan on her own free will. She further said that she wants to live with her husband.

    The High Court of Kerala during May 2017, annulled the marriage of Akhila Asokan (Hadia) and sent her to the parental custody. The case went to Supreme Court. The National Investigating Agency (NIA) was asked to investigate whether she was indoctrinated and also the alleged links of Shafin Jahan with ISIS. The NIA submitted its report to Supreme Court.

    The Supreme Court after questioning Hadia asked her to continue her studies at Salem and put her under the guardianship of the Dean of the College. The Court will take up the case regarding the report of NIA and Hadia's marriage to Shafin Jahan during January 2018.

    What I am unable to understand is why her wish to live with her husband is not allowed for the present?
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    It is better that she is allowed to continue her studies under the guardianship of the Dean of the College at Salem. That means she need not stay with her parents now. The enquiry may be still under progress, that is why the case is not finalised, Till a final decision is not taken she will be alone so that no other pressures will come on her head for changing her mind and she may have a better piece of my mind in her studies.
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    I think, we should not comment on issues concerning national security. Issue of indoctrination can be proved by experts only.
    Country's security precedents individual freedom

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    She has been directed to complete her internship/house surgeon ship, I think this is a good suggestion given the media and the communal interests in this particular case. This case seems to have more than what meets the eye. NIA is the country's foremost security agency and we may not be privy to many details. Reading between the lines, the courts are not convinced about the truth and events surrounding the marriage as it was disclosed to them (Courts) only on Dec 19 suddenly, apparently the day of the wedding)

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    Well the court must have deliberated the case in detail and the question why her wish to live with her husband is not allowed for the present?, might be arrived after taking into account all the evidences and proofs in the case.
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