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    My opinion: Freedom of expression is a Utopian concept. Do you agree?

    I could not utter a single word against the Chemistry professor of our College. Throughout our Graduation, she went on teaching kinetic theory of gases. Why? Because she was the incharge of practical sessions. Talking against her would surely cause problem in practical examination of the University. An armed forces officer never imagines to talk against his CO. We can't say anything directly against our boss or colleagues in our office. 'Mango-people' like me can never directly criticize any caste, community or religion.

    There are various limitations involved. All the limitations are not related to law. We have various limitations imposed by the society. There are various limitations imposed by our elders. We are afraid of various repurcussions.

    So, although we champion Freedom of expression, it is not at all achievable. It is not achievable in our family, in our locality, in our society, in our country. So, Freedom of expression is a Utopian concept.

    Members, do you agree?
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    I agree. Even though we have freedom of speech, we can't express our thoughts and ideas freely, especially in sensitive matters like caste, creed, religion and nationality are involved. This may give rise to unnecessary complications which are of no use for a person who is having his own headaches already. Thinking that we have freedom of speech and hence we can talk anything if we unnecessarily talk something the other person may get hurt. So we should restrain ourselves from freely expressing our views on all matters.
    As the author explained many students in junior college and degree college will be very obedient to science teachers as they will be the people who are going to award marks for practicals. But if it is a language teacher all will try to put him in trouble by not listening properly and trying to ask unrelated questions. This is very common in many colleges.
    We have freedom of speech as long as we are not hurting somebody without any reason with our words.

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    I read in a book that one's freedom is up to the nose other. Accordingly we have full freedom on certain things but if the same used to the level of churri g others means unjust. Though we have freedom on something we should think once before using whether if we were in his position.

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    Aren't we discussing the point in this thread at Do you agree freedom of expression are fundamental rights and there should be no ifs and buts too? Raising threads on the same or almost similar points at a time will only divide the responses and so we need to be careful about the same.
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    In this thread, I want to state that there is no concept like Freedom of expression in human society. This is of practical nature. The other thread takes it (Freedom of expression) for granted without any limitation. There is fundamental difference between these two threads.

    Of course, this is my personal opinion.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The other thread is questioning the usage of the word freedom when the same is actually limited by many ifs and buts. And, though put in different words, I do think that this thread is also conveying the same point. Sorry for deviating from the topic, but I thought it would be better to clarify the point before taking action to lock this thread.
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    Freedom of expression is the great subject to deal and deliberate. No doubt it is a Utopian task, but everything is possible in this world to bring new legislation to facilitate freedom of expression without any cut or disagree by others, But the problem in India is if one person goes against the freedom of expression by some one, entire lot goes with the herd and thus the very purpose of raising the issue has been lost. Even in courts the person is not allowed to express his views. The person who is about face sentence must be given enough chance to prove his innocence , otherwise no body will respect freedom of expression.
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    The utopian concept implies in an ideal world or an ideal society, hence I would agree with respect to the title. All of us dream or have a desire to have the freedom to expression, to do what we like and express ourselves, write what we feel is correct or table our views related to a faith, an event, a subject or a policy.But in reality, the real world is far from an ideal world, hence it's no surprise that our ideal freedom of expression will be limited our influenced by factors that are inherent to any society and ours is no exception. For instance, let's take the ISC threads itself, we have discussed the current issues like Election-related pastoral letters, moral policing, Creative expressions of movie makers, love conversions investigated by the national security agency, solutions for demographic imbalance. For all these, we have replied, but truly have we? our replies will be watered down or tempered to fit within the norms of the ISC and the presumed norms so that we do not face repercussions and prosecutions. Perhaps within a group or behind closed doors, we can have the true freedom of expression and hope the walls have no ears.

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